How Do I Find Someone On Facebook Without Logging In

InternetHow Do I Find Someone On Facebook Without Logging In

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Even though I don’t want it to true at all, Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world. It has grown exponentially over the years incorporating other platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp under its umbrella. Almost everyone who has Internet access has a Facebook Account. We’ve come to terms with the fact that just by knowing someone’s name, we could know more about them by logging on to Facebook.

Even though the number of daily users has come down so much over the years (Thanks to other platforms like Twitter, Instagram) Facebook is still a great place to find or discover people and know about their lives.

How to Find Someone on Facebook without Facebook Account

In the earlier days, you need to have a Facebook account to actually search for somebody and connect with them. But Facebook currently offers the directory feature that lets you search for a person, page, or even a place without even creating an account and logging in. In this article, let’s see how we can do that step by step.

Disclaimer: You need to understand that search someone using Facebook Directory is entirely dependent on that user’s privacy settings. If a person chooses not to be discovered by a stranger, then they are entirely privy to do so.

Search using Facebook Directory

Facebook Directory is very similar to a Phone Directory. It has all the publicly accessible profile details and you can search using a search bar.

Go to Sometimes you might receive a prompt to log in to your Facebook. You can ignore that if it happens in the Facebook Directory.

On the search page, type in the name of the person, place or page, you are looking for. Also, you can filter by character or even by a number.

As you can see in the image above, it also lists the People Directory alphabetically which I don’t think is of great use. It’s a great tool and it’s generic and the search results are not based on the user preferences of the person who is searching for it.

Search using Google

Now, this might not be very strange. Search someone on Google essentially means giving the right keywords will give you the right search results. Google Search has improved so much over the years to give the proper information to its users. Since, Google crawls the entire internet for the person you are searching for, even if they are not discoverable on Facebook you might find them on other sites.

As you can see here, searching for my name is showing up my results from Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.,

Google Image search is another great option. Type in the first name Lastname on the Google Images search and you will find a whole lot of images that are relevant to the keywords that you gave on the search. It’s a great way to search because you can identify the person without having to click on each and every link. I do this all the time and it works almost every single time.

Regional People Finder Sites

This is another great way to find people on the internet. So, every country might have different sites that can help you find people based on the state or city you are looking for. For example, in the US, there is this site called Intelius ( which lets me search people based on the state and city. This is a very good service and it works pretty well.


You can also use these 15 Best People Search Engine websites.

Advanced search options

Browser add-ons are a great way to search people as well. Personally, I feel you would need to use these because Facebook Directory and Google Search works pretty well. These are some of the extensions that you could use.

  1. Intelligence Search: This is the highly-rated advanced search add-ons in Google Chrome. It has more than 60000 users across the world and this is only for Google Chrome.
  2. Another option is Social Media Advanced Search – Find User Info. It has more than 6000 users and from what I have read, they work pretty well.

These are some of the ways you could search for someone on the Internet without needing an account on Facebook or any other platform, to be honest. This is a great way for people who prefer not to create online identities of any sort. Also, I’d advise anyone who is reading this article not to use any information obtained using the resources in the article for illegal purposes. Doing so will have its consequences.

I’m sure there are other ways as well on the Internet to look for people but in my personal opinion, Facebook Directory and Google Search works well enough that you wouldn’t need other methods to find anyone.

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