How to Hide a Drive in Windows using CMD

InternetHow to Hide a Drive in Windows using CMD

Hide a Secret Drive in Windows

We make partitions in our PC to segment the drive to store various category of documents for the easy access, and also we will be having a drive to store some secret files. But how to protect the Drive? The best way is to Hide the Drive using CMD (Command prompt).

Steps to Hiding Drive in Windows using CMD

In Windows, you can Hide the Drives without using any software. 5 Steps in CMD can be used to hide the drive, follow the steps given below.

  1. Open the command prompt of your system
  2. Type "Diskpart" and then press enter
  3. To see all the disk details type "list volume" in the command prompt
  4. Decide the volume to hide and then give the command as "Select volume E" in the command prompt and then press enter.For example, if you want to lock up disk partition D then type as "Select volume D".
  5. Type "Remove letter E" in the cmd to hide the selected partition.

Hide disk cmd code

Steps to UnHide Drive in Windows using CMD

Wanna view or UnHide the hidden partition disk, just follow the below steps:

  1. open the command prompt of your system
  2. Type the "Diskpart" and then enter
  3. Type "list volume" to view the details of all the disk in your system
  4. select the hidden disk volume just by using the command "Select volume E" where E is the label of the disk
  5. To reveal the hidden partition use the command "Assign letter E" where E is the label of the hidden disk.

That's all.Now you can see the disk partition in your system.


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