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Digitizing the world comes with its own set of disadvantages. With mobile access made easy, capturing of videos and images is almost impossible to track and trace. However, there are certain applications that detect cameras that are kept hidden for spying.

hidden camera detector apps

Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps for Mobiles

Here in this space, we list down a top application for Android and iOS Mobile phones, that can aid in finding spy cameras around you. Here we go!

1. Hidden Spy Camera Detector

Hidden Spy Camera Detector is a FREE application that uses magnetometer feature of your phone to detect magnetic activity near objects that you find fishy. It raises alarm if it comes into magnetic fields of other objects.

Hidden Camera Detector
Hidden Camera Detector
Developer: FutureApps
Price: Free

2. Radar Bot

RadarBot uses frequency change in identifying speed cameras. This is a FREE application.

  • Android App – Radar Bot
  • Android Rating – 4.5
  • Downloads – 10,000,000+

3. Spy camera detector – Hidden Camera Detected

Spy Camera Detector uses provides radiation meter option to find spy cameras. It is a FREE application.

4. Anti Spy Camera – Detect

This application uses magnetic sensors and infrared sensors of one’s Android phone to detect spy cameras.


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