9 Google Play Music Alternatives 2020

Internet9 Google Play Music Alternatives 2020

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Are you not satisfied with the recent move by Google to remove Google Play Music? You are not alone, many Google Play Music users are not okay with this announcement. Google is planning to take YouTube Music to the next level, You can also upload your own music now in YouTube music, Here are the Top 10 Google Play Music Alternative Music players which have some similar features and also some additional features you might like and give them a try.

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Best Google Play Music Alternatives

Google Play Music Alternatives

I’m listing the best apps like Google Play Music below, based on the Music player functionality, similarity with Google Play Music, User experience and much more.

1. YouTube Music

I couldn’t think of any other application to place at the top in the list, as we clearly know both Google Play Music and YouTube Music is by Google, and Google is trashing out GPM to make YT Music more efficient. Also, Google is giving an option for you to transfer your Google Play Music account to YT Music in a single click, this includes your Google Play Music library, uploaded, purchased songs, playlists, Albums, Song likes, and many more. You can follow this URL – https://music.youtube.com/transfer

2. Amazon Music

Amazon Music comes with your Amazon Prime subscription, hence, you can listen to Millions of songs Ad-free. The only drawback with Amazon music is, you can’t upload music here but you can listen to local music and offline music. Other features include, listen to music in CD-quality (16-bit, 44.1 kHz) and songs in HD quality, listen to stations. You can play Hands-free music using Alexa.

3. Apple Music

Apple Music a product by Apple, another good alternative to Google Play Music. You can listen to more than 60 Million songs Free for 3 Months. Reading lyrics while listening to music, Offline listening, Exploring stations are other features of Apple Music. You can also listen to documentaries on Apple Music.

4. Shazam

Shazam has one good feature that Google Play Music doesn’t have, You can find the name of a song in just seconds using Shazam using it’s discovering feature. You can pop-up Shazam to play on top of any other application. Other features are the same, Offline listening, Reading lyrics while playing music. You can also enable Dark theme in this Music player.

5. Spotify

With Spotify you can listen to Podcasts, Other features are the same as the usual music player. Search for your favorite song, albums, artists, and Podcasts. You can also try the playlists given by Spotify or create your own. You can play Spotify on Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, Chromecast, PlayStation, and much more. You can also use the Spotify free version if you have the tolerance level to accept the ads playing in between the music.

6. SoundCloud

Soundcloud is one of the oldest music streaming services. This can be a very good alternative to Google Play Music, this is much more than a Music player, Soundcloud is a community for anyone to upload music and share for free. You can find music which you can’t find anywhere else, Many artists came to light just by uploading their songs here. just like other music player app, you can find lyrics, playlists, albums, artists, and much more. Soundcloud is free to use service.

7. Pandora

Pandora is U.S. only Music application, you can use our Best Free VPN Apps to access Pandora outside the U.S. This is one of the best alternative to Google Play Music and a very good podcast app. other than the usual lyrics, playlist, albums, artists and Unlimited skips, Pandora has some new feature called Modes. Modes are different stations, there are 6 Modes in Pandora – My Station, Crowd Faves, Deep Cuts, Discovery, Newly Released, Artist only. You can pick the one you like and start listening to music.

8. Plex

Plex is not just a Music Player, this is like a Swiss knife with many functionalities in it. You can stream Movies, TV Shows and Much more. This is a one-stop App for all multimedia Fun. Plex gives 1000+ movies and TV Shows. You can use this on all your devices and you can start with a 30-day free trial. https://www.plex.tv/free

9. TIDAL Music

Tidal is another alternative to Google Play Music with Music streaming and HD quality. With the premium version you can listen to Ad-free music. Import playlist from other music service and listen music offline with this App. Tidal can be now accessed inside the Plex player now.

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