3 Google Chrome unkown Tricks

Chrome browser - A browser by the internet giant Google. You may be the user of Firefox, IE, Safari or a person like me using chrome. And here are some features which attract me to use chrome browser.

1. Browser Sync:

   An awesome feature in Google Chrome browser is the Browser syncing. You can sync your Bookmarks, theme, extensions to your browser and when you are using your chrome browser in mobile you can access your bookmarks by signing in to your browser.   

To sync your data, Check to mark the option " Choose what to sync ". While you're signing in to your browser.

2. Multiple User:

    Another fantastic feature by Google Chrome is adding multiple users in a browser. You can add multiple users to your chrome browser and add a different theme, extensions, and sync with your browser. 

3. Easy Search:

      Search your keyword in the address bar,  You can make the search for your search item just by typing it in the address bar of Google Chrome with your default search engine. And you can search a specific type of item with specific sites in the address You can use URL bar as Google search bar(try now) and also you can use URL bar to search inside a site just by typing the domain name and give space,
Type urbandictionary.com and tap spacebar, you'll get the below result.  
 You can change your Default Search Engine, by right-clicking the URL bar and select edit Search engine.



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