Gizmodo is a blogging site that features articles on science fiction, technology, design, and politics. It is a spun-off from the Parent Company ‘Gawker Media’ network. It also includes the subsite io9 that emphasizes on futurism and science fiction. This website runs on Kinja platform and Nick Denton operates it.

  • Industry: Technology, Design, Science Fiction and Science Website
  • Founded: July 1, 2002
  • Founder(s): Peter Rojas
  • Headquarters: The United States of America
  • Website:

History of Gizmodo 

Peter Rojas is the founder of Gizmodo that was launched on the 1st of July, 2002. It covers consumer electronics reviews and news, the latest technology, designs, gadgets, software etc. Peter Rojas edited the Gizmodo blog that was launched in the year 2002. It was a part of the ‘Gawker Media’ network. Gawker Media formed a partnership with VNU for republishing Gizmodo in Europe. VNU translated the content into the various languages, such as Italian, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, and Portuguese and added local interesting European material to the blog.  Mediagene launched the Gizmodo Japan blog in 2006 and incorporated a lot of Japanese contents. Allure Media launched the Gizmodo Australia with Australian content under the ‘Gawker Media’ license in April 2007. The launch of Gizmodo Brazil took place in Sept.2008. The license for the Dutch magazine was taken over by the HUB Uitgevers in the month of November in 2007. For covering British news, the launch of Gizmodo UK took place with Future in Sept. 2011.Gizmodo was redesigned in Feb. 2011.

Univision Communications purchased Gizmodo along with six other websites from Gawker Media and renamed the Company ‘Gizmodo Media Group.’

More about Gizmodo 

Gizmodo, the science fiction, design, technology, and science website covers topics, such as design, news, gadgets, software etc. The owner of the website is Univision Communications and Katie Drummond is its editor.

Io9, the Gawker blog merged with Gizmodo in the year 2015. The io9 staff continued to post the articles on different subjects, such as fantasy, science fiction, astronomy, science technology, futurism etc. that the website Gizmodo covers.

Gizmodo is a part of the ‘Gizmodo Media Group.’ It is the flagship website among the six websites bought by Univision Communications. Gizmodo Media Group is a blog network and ‘Online Media’ Company that is run by the Univision Communications in its division of the ‘Fusion Media Group.’ The Gizmodo Media Group Company was formed with the assets obtained from the Gawker Media during the bankruptcy of the Company in the year 2016. The Gawker Media Company has filed for bankruptcy protection, after being ordered for the payment of compensatory damages worth $115 million and additional $25 million punitive damages.

Univision Communications bought Gawker Media for about $135 million on the 16th of August, 2016.  Univision renamed the unit ‘Gizmodo Media Group’ after its flagship website and also for distancing it from its previous Gawker name. Univision removed all the controversial posts associated with the Gawker Media. On the 21st of September, 2016, Raju Narisetti was elected as the CEO of the ‘Gizmodo Media Group.’


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