3 Best Ways to Get Followers on Instagram

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Instagram is one of the rare social networking platforms that has emerged victorious against a fierce competitor like Facebook. Owned by the same, Instagram is a unique photo and video sharing platform where you can post content with the use of relevant hashtags. Its upgraded ‘story’ posting features allows users to organize online polls, quizzes, live sessions, and likewise. We often see other Instagram users who have thousands or millions of followers. So, let’s find out ways to get more followers on Instagram.

Getting a Million Followers will make you an Instagram Influencer, and this reach will take you to the celebrity level! Here’s the list of Top Insta Influencers from every Industry by Hubspot.

To reach this stardom you have to work for it. But if you ask me what are the best ways to earn real followers for your Instagram account? I’d say be true and give what your followers needs. In this post, I’m going to share you 3 best ways to get real good followers for your account.

1. [Free] Instagram Followers by doing quality content

When you need Followers and you need them without spending money, then you have to give the best for your followers. below are some of the points and a post that purely speaks about an Instagram strategy to get followers in a legal way.

Insta Influencer
  1. Do the research and pick a Perfect Niche
  2. Try to post 1 article a day
  3. Use perfect and trending Hashtag
  4. Respond to comments
  5. Here’s a post by Hootsuite where you can find 35 best ways to get legit followers.

Best Practices to Get Instagram Followers for Free

  • Create a connection between your online and offline marketing gimmicks. 

For instance, if you have an offline project and also have an ongoing social media campaign, you must ensure they are on the same path and are putting across the same message. You can paste the same tagline or highlight the hashtag that consumers must use on social media. It can boost your Instagram followers because the crowds are always curious about what’s trending and most likely will visit your page to find out. 

  • A unique hashtag can work wonders for you. 

Try to create a unique hashtag that is related to your business. For example, if you own a restaurant named Cheer Tacos, and have started takeaway services, then you can start a trend such as #TacoDrive. It sounds uncommon, makes people curious, and instantly gets the attention of your potential buyers. Moreover, it also highlights the message you want to put forward. So, you hit the bull’s eyes when buyers start using it, and more people wish to get on with the trend. 

  • Keep up with the trend if you want to be the town’s talk. 

You must participate in trending topics. For example, there was a time on the internet when an egg broke the record of being the most-liked image on Instagram. That time, countless companies came up with puns on the egg, associated it to their business, and joined the conversation. One leading real-life example of such a company is Durex. It has exemplary puns and Instagram posts, mostly related to current social issues. 

  • Your captions play a crucial role in driving your followers. 

The captions on every Instagram image can help you boost your followers. It is a tried-and-tested method by several celebrities who post regular pictures but often engage in thought-provoking captions that draw the masses. For all we know, people follow them in anticipation of their next caption. Additionally, bloggers and influencers can also play with captions to boost Instagram followers instantly. 

  • Develop a unique Instagram style. 

Developing a unique Instagram style means following a specific theme for your page. For example, Frooti is a drink that has an idea of quirky colors and funky graphics. Thus, more and more people want to see how they innovate around the single central theme of adventure. Several writers also follow a central theme of nature, where their posts have elements of flora and fauna. They not only help you get more followers but also look notably aesthetic. 

  • Never underestimate the call to action button. 

Try to include the call to action button in every post. For example, you can tag yourself in the caption of the images. This is effective when people see your posts on their Instagram ‘explore.’ It directly guides them to your main profile, and they are most likely to hit the follow button. 

You would be taken aback to find out that Instagram experiences more than 200 active million users each month who share 60 million images and 1.6 billion likes per day. Instagram is suited for not just bloggers, influencers, or individuals who wish to make their mark in the digital industry but also top brands who want to up their digital marketing strategies. It is the perfect portal to connect with more buyers and the masses in general. The followers-boosting tips mentioned above can help one and all!

2. [Free & Paid] Third Party sites to get Followers

When you have good quality content and still you can’t reach the followers milestone that you have, try visiting third party sites where you can see good tricks (mostly safe) to get followers. I’m listing you the different ways you get followers from these websites-

  1. Signup and Follow people profiles and they will follow you

One such tool is GetInsta, You can Sign up and see profiles, and posts of others. Follow them or like a post to earn coins, using the coins you can apply for Followers and Likes. They mention that they provide safe and secure ways to do this, also your data is 100% safe with them (as they mentioned).

Steps to get Instagram Followers from GetInsta for Free

To get your Instagram followers from GetInsta, first you need a free account on Getinsta. Visit easygetinsta.com and create an account-

getinsta login

Now, you’ll see a list of accounts just like a social media wall, if you like a post you’ll get 20 Insta coins, and If you follow someone you’ll get 100 instacoins, using those coins you can buy followers or likes to your Instagram profile

get insta coins

Steps to get Instagram Followers from GetInsta for Money

You can also opt for the paid version, so that you don’t have to follow others and wait for the coins.

Buy Instagram followers

You can also download GetInsta Mobile Apps to use it anywhere any time to get followers.

3. [Paid] Promote on Instagram to get Followers

If you follow the above steps and still your profile is not growing with follower counts, try promoting it on Twitter for some dollars. But before spending understands about promoting and come with your own strategy before taking money from your pocket.

When you opt for Instagram promotion, Instagram will show your Page to other interested people in your category through posts or Status. You have to build a beautiful post with Images and good titles as shown below.

Instagram Promotion

Here’s a post from SproutSocial on tips to promote Instagram

Final thoughts

People just create account on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and many to become famous or to earn money or by passion. To reach the success the 2 things that matters are quality and consistency. If you have these then you don’t have to spend money but Money will come to your pocket automatically. Also just with the curiosity don’t spend money on third party unsafe websites, there are websites who sell fake followers. And even if you get legit followers through this and you don’t have any quality content they will unfollow in sometime.

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