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PUBG or Player Unknown's Battleground has been gaining players faster than wildfire. Their approval rating has been off the charts. They gained massive popularity in 2017, and it's only increased since then. PUBG gained popularity with mobile gamers and Multiplayer Game players soon. Their premise is quite simple. You can play as an individual or as part of a squad. The genre is 'Battle Royale,' meaning one has to survive the game amidst shooting, firing, and bombing. The last man standing is the winner and is hailed by the phrase- 'Winner winner chicken dinner.' Owing to the popularity of Player Unknown's Battleground, similar games like Fortnite have popped up. They aim to capitalize on the fans of Battle Royale. If the lengthy gameplays of PUBG bore you, or their premise doesn't excite you anymore, you can try other games like PUBG and Fortnite.

Games like PUBG

Best PUBG Alternative Games:

There are so many games like PUBG. they're all trying to carve their niche in the gaming world. However, only a few have successfully exceeded expectations. Let us list down a few

  1. Black Survival - Black survival is an easy game to play. It's a point-and-tap game where you battle using single clicks. iOS, Android, and PC support Black Survival. It's fun to explore the 22 areas of the game. However, the unique part about this game is its characters. The characters have distinct personality traits and powers; each character is complex and unique in their making. You'll be at the edge of your seat as you battle nine other opponents to death. Sounds a lot like one of those games like PUBG?

2. Knives Out- Work as a team of five, and battle hundreds of opponents. Only the worthy shall win this game. NetEase released Knives Out, along with two other Battle Royale games. This game has been topping the charts ever since it was released. It has the same premise as PUBG; the battleground keeps shrinking, just like in PUBG. There is a safe zone, and players must jump from the sky to land on the battlefield.

3. Apex Legends - Battle for money, fame, and glory in this gory game. You can be an outlaw, a soldier, a misanthrope, or just another misfit. Each man of the Frontier lands shall be engaged in combat for survival. In this game, you either die a hero or survive to be a legend. Smart tools like Respawn Beacon or the Intelligent Inventory, help you stay one step ahead. There are three sensational seasons, each more exciting than the last. It's hard to keep up and extremely challenging. While being one of the games like PUBG, this one is of superior quality.

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4. Rules of Survival- We would be amiss if we didn't mention Rules of Survival in a list that talks about games like PUBG. Another NetEase brainchild, Rules of Survival, witnessed massive success upon its release. Knives Out and Rules of Survival are remarkably similar, barring some minor details. Rules of Survival is infamous for being addictive and fast-paced. Get pulled into this world of combat and gunfire, as you struggle to prove your heroic worth.

5. Garena Free Fire- Garena Free Fire or Free Fire Battlegrounds, developed in 2017, currently has 450 million dedicated users. This Garena game has proved its worth time and again by gaining the "Most Popular" title. Garena Free Fire is the messiah for phones with low or medium specifications. It's not hard on your RAM and doesn't cause latency. Much like PUBG, It has a simple premise: enter the battleground with 60 other players and kill them all to be the last man standing. It tops our list of games like PUBG.

6. Ring of Elysium- Ring of Elysium is one of those games like PUBG that depict an enthralling storyline. Toxic ashes have enveloped the air of Europa island after an unfortunate volcano eruption. There's only one rescue helicopter, and it's a race against time as you fight your way for it. This battle is not for the faint-hearted. Watch Ring of Elysium pulls you into its world with its compelling gameplay, new features, and war tactics. After one point of time, you have to ask yourself- Do you have what it takes to make it out alive?

7. Dying Light(Bad Blood)- This game is different than the others in the genre of games like PUBG. Players don't directly land on a battlefield where they fight one another. They fall in a zombie-infested area, and there's a battle royale fight to survival. Only one out of 12 players shall find their way to evacuation. Parkour your way through the nooks and corners of the city Harran, in a bid to outlast all your competitors and escape gory zombies. Dying Light is an unconventional and creative take on an overused genre.

Video games are well-known stress busters. They pump us with adrenaline and take us to another world. It is cathartic to know that we control our every step, and each move is planned. It is no secret that video games are severely addictive and have an emotional connection with our lives. Thankfully, PUBG isn't the only Battle Royale game out there. There are scores of games like PUBG that aim to keep you engaged and stress-free for hours on end. We've taken the liberty to curate the list above to help you find a new game. Try any of the games mentioned above, and recommend this article to your friends. Each of these games can keep you hooked. Live your life as a true warrior and hero with these games like PUBG. We hope this has been a satisfactory list of games like PUBG.


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