Top 5 Games like Among Us for Phone and PC

GamesTop 5 Games like Among Us for Phone and PC

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Among Us despite its original release back in 2018, has no doubt gained enormous popularity in the Covid-19 era. It all started when Sodapoppin streamed the game for the first time to his 2.8M followers on twitch and within 2 months, the game was on fire. Suddenly, everyone on YouTube, Twitch, and other streaming platforms was playing it with their millions of subscribers. And not only that, according to the new data from “Sensor Tower”, this amazing game is now the most downloaded game which grabbed a whopping 100 million downloads in just Q3 2020. Also, currently, it is the fourth most played game on steam behind “Counter-Strike”, “Dota 2” and “PUBG”.

Games like Among Us

In this multiplayer game, there are four to ten crew members, the goal of crewmates is to complete a set of tasks while investigating the imposter and eject them on the other hand the imposters are supposed to manipulate their friends and kill them silently without getting noticed. Now, if you enjoyed the game and looking for more such games then you have landed in the right place. Here, I’ve got the list of the best 5 games alternative to Among Us, so without further delay let’s explore them.

1. Android, iOS and Browser games like Among Us

Town of Salem

town of Salem Game Play

Town of Salem Trailer

Just like Among Us, the Town of Salem is a cross-platform multiplayer strategy game where 7 to 15 players are assigned the roles like Resident (The good guy), Mafia, Serial Killers, Assassins, and Neutrals. The town of Salem allows you to pick roles from 33 different characters (49 if you have the Coven faction). As a Town resident, you gotta protect the other good ones in the town, but you don’t the roles of the player. So, you have to identify and track down the killers before they knock you down. After every night, you find who got killed or the players can vote to hang the player they find suspicious.

The most exciting part about the game is the roles you could be a Doctor, Trapper, Escort, Forger, Blackmailer, and much more. Just give this game a hit and I bet you’ll love it.

2. Steam games like Among Us



Deceit Trailer

Deceit is another multiplayer online game with a similar theme as Among Us. You wake up in an asylum with 5 other random people, locked up in a dungeon and two of them are infected with a mutant virus. There are two phases in the game – daylight and the blackout and the game master control when a blackout happens. In the daylight, the infected has to look out for blood packs marked on the map and slow down the team, etc while the innocents have to pick up items and vote each other out by attacking them. Now during the blackout, the infected turn into monsters to bite other people and infect them while the others need to find and place fuses to unlock the next area. Well, there is a lot about this game but to keep It short if you are looking for this theme then this game worth a shot.

Project Winter

Project winter - game like Among Us

Project Winter Trailer

So, project winter is something like Among Us on a mountain. There are eight people in total and two of them are traitors. So, your goal is to survive the cold, gather resources, complete a set of tasks to increase your power and escape the wilderness. Unlikely the traitor’s job is to lead a survivor into thick wilderness, shoot them and blame on animals. Also unlike Among Us, this game has a Voice chat option and if you identify a traitor its not easy as eject them into space. They still pose a threat to players. And not only that, in some areas its very easy to get separated and their you can only hear the voice of players near to you. So, again if you are looking for a deception and survival game then Project Winter is a great choice.

Unfortunate Spacemen

unfortunate spacemen

Unfortunate Spacemen trailer | Gameplay

Unfortunate Spacemen is an asymmetrical multiplayer game based in spaceship. Just like Among Us this game has the same “Murder and Deception” theme. With upto 16 players with 15 maps, you play as employee of a company and waiting for your company to rescue you, while one of the players is actually a shape shifting monster who tries to kills all others. And like Among Us, you have two options either complete the tasks and activate the distress signal or kill the monster by yourself.

If you are playing as a monster then you can lay traps, disguise yourself as one of them and kill them. As you level up and get more XP, the company will unlock various perks and weapons for you. Also, in addition this game has two other game modes Co-op story Mode and the survival mode and with voice chat feature you’ll not regret giving this game a try.

3. Board Games like Among Us

Secret Hitler

Secret Hitler

If you are looking for deception-based board games then Secret Hitler is the one you need. Also, unlike other games on the list, this is a long game and also you can’t simply point out to someone and say I saw something. In this game, players are secretly divided into two teams – liberals (majority) and the fascists who disguise to be one of them as Among Us. So, the goals are Liberals supposed to pass five liberal laws or assassinate Hitler while the fascists must pass six policies or get Hitler elected as chancellor. Now the fun part is fascists know their role but Hitler doesn’t know his teammates.

Each round has an election, legislative session, and Executive action. At the start, the presidential candidate nominates a chancellor and then the players vote on him. If the vote is a tie or minority then-presidential candidate moves and the round starts again or if majority then the presidential candidate and chancellor candidate are the new presidents and chancellor.

And the president takes the top three policies, look at them in secret and deny one police now from the rest two chancellors select one of them. It could be liberal or fascists.

Now if already three fascists policies are elected and the new chancellor is Hitler, fascists win the game, or if fascists have six policies elected again fascists to win the game otherwise if five liberal policies have been passed then liberals win the game. After every round, players can discuss what happened (like in the town of Salem)

So, this was my curated list of five games like Among Us, if you have anything to say drop a comment down below.

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