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Do you love to listen to music? Do you wish to download free songs from the internet? If so, I will help you look at some of the most methods that allow you to download songs for free on the internet. These methods cater the need of music enthusiasts like you and me.

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Websites to get Free music (Full songs)

Here are the Music sites, where you can stream music without even downloading, but if you want to hear music offline, download and listen to free songs.


Soundclick has more than 5 Million song tracks, providing Social media service since 1997. This website offers song streaming and MP3 download.



Jamendo is one of the best music sites, here you can like and Share music.



Another music site with streaming and download option, search bar here is the best way to find any song.


Listen to Free Songs using Apps

Downloading free songs is illegal in various countries. However, the applications on this list allow you to download songs for free nonetheless. You can download various formats of the music files like mp3, wav, etc. as per the requirements of your music player. These websites also offer high quality 128 kbps as well as 320 kbps songs that feel great on high-quality earphones/speakers.



Spotify is an application that has taken the world by a storm. Popular on both iOS as well as Android devices, this application has made it possible for music enthusiasts to listen to the latest tracks on the go. Spotify classifies the music in its library based on the moods. Therefore, it has the songs that are perfectly suited to your mood whether you are feeling happy or sad.

With a curated party playlist, you will definitely be the center of the attraction of the party with Spotify.

Google Play Music


The Google Play Music is available as a pre-installed application on your android device. Previously serving only a few podcasts and mainly as a music player application, Google modified the application a few months ago to add the purchase functionality to it.

You can pay a small premium on the application interface to download songs for free. Google Play Music also allows you to play all kinds of mp3 files on your device without bounds. This means that you can download the music files from somewhere else on the internet and play it on this application easily.

Saavn Premium


Saavn is one of the most popular music applications available for free download for both iOS as well as Android platforms. However, it charges a small monthly premium fee for the offline ad-free experience. Nonetheless, you can listen to songs online without paying any fee as long as you have a stable internet connection.

All you need to do to download songs from Saavn is hit the download button in front of the song name. If you have already subscribed to the premium feature on the application, the song is downloaded for free in an instant.

All these applications ask for a small monthly/annual subscription fee after which you can download unlimited free songs. There are several ways you can hack these applications or download the cracked versions to avail the free services. However, I suggest you not to do so, because it often invites dangerous malware and spyware viruses that can be used to steal sensitive data from your phone.

So, the next time you are handed the AUX cable, make sure that you have the best songs in the party to liven up the mood of the audience.

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