Best 3 Free Image compression tools 2020

If you keep a lot of images saved on your computer for whatever purpose it might be, it will eventually eat away a lot of your space in your memory. Enter image compression. Basically what this does is, compress an image you choose such that the resulting image is optimized and shrunk in size compared to the original file with minor or no loss in quality.

This is achieved by a slew of means and while we won’t dive into the technicalities of it, we’ll recommend some free web-based online image compressor tools, carefully chosen to keep their performance and ease of use in mind.

Best 3 image compression tools Online 2020:

Most of these services are free and since they are web-based the only annoyance would be an occasional advert that you might have to see and ignore on their web page. These services take in images in PNG or JPEG format since these two are the most popular and offer links to download the resulting images. We recommend graphic rich images being saved in PNG over JPEG because by definition PNG offers lossless image compression, which means, in lay mans’ terms, they take up less space for the same quality.

1. TinyPNG.

TinyPNG is a great service, it is fast, simple to use and above all mostly always provides excellent results across the board on performance. You can upload a max of 20 images at a time with a maximum file size of 5 MB each and the server will do the rest. The website has screenshots and offers answers to a lot of frequently asked questions. It is worth a try.

2. Optimizilla

optimizilla image compression

Optimizilla is similar to TinyPNG and offers pretty much the same set of features. The website is simple in design and isn’t fancy like TinyPNG. However, Optimizilla offers something TinyPNG doesn’t offer. The ability to select the amount of compression desired. Because image compression will almost always be accompanied by a loss in image quality, Optimizilla allows you to select the amount the image will be compressed by the server. The service allows for a maximum of 20 files to be uploaded at the same time, which you can either download one by one or as a zip archive containing all the files.

3. Caesium Image Compressor


Caesium, similar to the above options let the users upload PNG or JPEG files of upto 5 MB each for compression. You can choose to go for a lossy or a lossless compression method, meaning you can favor compression efficiency or quality respectively.

Caesium also has a free desktop application for windows and mac, called by the same name and might be useful for people who need a good image compressor to boot always. The UI of the windows application is among the best and easiest to use among semi-professional software like these. Download the application using this link.


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