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Has any of your MAC device has stopped working? Or has the mouse stopped working? Or are you experiencing something like spinning beach ball? All these direct towards the problem that an application has stopped functioning and now you must “force quit” it. You can be a regular Windows user and might not how things work on MAC, as you have just started using it. This post here in 2020 will help you fix this issue.

Keyboard shortcut to force quit Mac:

Command + Alt + Escape key
Force Quit Mac

A very familiar way to for the Windows user is Ctrl + Alt + Del option to resort any application that does not work, it’s a classic way of doing it but when you do the same on MAC device, it absolutely does nothing. The keys on MAC are- Alt key is the “Option” key, Ctrl is present and there is no key that indicates “Del”, so now you wonder how to force quit on a MAC? There are quite multiple ways to do it and you don’t have to do any sort of a power-off thing.

How to Force Quit Mac?

Force quitting irresponsible Applications or Programs in Mac can be dealt in 3 ways, using Mac keyboard shortcut commands, using Mac Dock, using the Apple menu, please find all these methods in detail below-


The best way to Force Quit any application is to seize the Command+Alt (or Option) +Escape keys; this will bring the Force Quit App window. You now see that a list appears on the screen, those are the applications that are currently running on the system, and the one you’re having trouble with the most show ‘Not Responding’ next to it.

Select the application, and then click on the Force Quit tab. Now try to re-launch the application to see if the predicament has been resolved.


When the app becomes irresponsive then the fair chance that you can place the mouse pointer at the menu bar that results in “spinning beach ball” that doesn’t let you choose any of the options. You now have to force quit the app, here’s how:

Now move to the “Dock” and select the icon on the application you want to quit, and then just right-click or Ctrl + click to bring the relative menu. You’ll find the “Quit” option at the bottom of the list given. Now click it and the application will close, hopefully.

Another option is that hold the Alt key and the Quit option transforms to Force Quit. Select that and the application should close instantly.


The other way to use the Force Quit is- if open any application that is working well and then clicks on the Apple icon on the upper left corner of the screen, selects the Force Quit option from the list given.

Doing this doesn’t Force Quit the application that is currently in use, it will just give out a list of applications that are currently running, and from the list, you can select the irresponsive applications to Force Quit.

Above are 3 ways that you can use to Force Quit on MAC. Try it and see for yourself. Hope these tricks help.

If you are finding it difficult to force quit applications or multiple applications are causing the trouble then the best way is to back up all the date and clear & re-install the macOS. You won’t have any headache all the time restoring.

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