Free File Compression Tools for Windows (ZIP, RAR) 2018

Internet Free File Compression Tools for Windows (ZIP, RAR) 2018

File compression is the method of packaging files and folders, and, compressing them such that we end up with a smaller and easier to handle single package. It’s a very handy tool these days as more and more files are being shared online than before. There are paid as well as free applications for almost all operating systems to handle file compression and decompression.

You can live with WinRar using a trial version for lifelong by closing the buy premium pop-up. but if you really need an alternative tool, which is completely free read below.

To understand how file compression works visit this link.

If you’ve owned a computer for a long time and have been using the internet for a fairly long time, you already have one of these in your computer installed. You can use WinRar but after trial period WinRar will start showing Pop-ups to buy the premium version. This post will introduce a freeware alternative to all those paid file compression software. As a free software application, you can use this anywhere without being afraid of paying a penny for the premium license.

The tool we are introducing is called PeaZip. This is a freeware that is designed with the absolute beginner in mind. The UI is simple enough for novice users and the program offers tons of features to its users.

Steps to Install PeaZip:

We will show here, how to install PeaZip and use it for compressing and decompressing files and folders in windows.

 Download PeaZip. Select the version corresponding to your PC or just select the first of the many options available. This works well enough for most users. See the attached screenshots to get an idea of how to go about installing the app.

Click the Link to Download PeaZip and Install the application.

2017 05 24 22h32 11


Steps to compress a file using PeaZip:

Follow the steps as shown in the following screen grabs.

  1. Right Click the folder that you want to compress

2017 05 24 23h20 02

2. Select PeaZip and add to Compress

2017 05 24 23h20 14

3. You'll find the compressed file

2017 05 24 23h20 29

Decompress a File:

To decompress a file and make the content available for normal use just open the file and click extract and choose the file location.

Encrypting a File:

PeaZip also offers an encryption option, which means that you may use it to block access to certain files and folders you choose and get package them to a single file with the help of a password.



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