Top 5 Farming Games for iPhone and iPad (iOS) 2022

AppleTop 5 Farming Games for iPhone and iPad (iOS) 2022

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When it comes to farm games, Farmville is what comes to our mind. But that raises the question if there is anything else in the market for iPhone or iPad; because let us just admit that farm games are addictive. Apart from the normal simulation of real-life farms, there are farm games that experiment with what a person might get into while building a farm. Below is the list of some such games.

Farm Games for iPhone and iPad

Below is the list of the best 5 Farm games you can find in the Apple store, we have ranked them based on the user’s ratings and reviews.

1. Hay Day

Hay day

This is one of the most popular farming games out there on the Internet! Learn and take part in everything from growing fresh produce on your land, trading them with friends, neighbors and other customers and welcome visitors to your own farm.

  • Endless opportunities to customize and grow your farm
  • Complete orders by steamboat or truck to get rewards
  • With your own shop, you can trade crop and produce
  • At your dock, you can cast the lure to get fresh fish as well!

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2. Family Farm Seaside

Family Farm Seaside

Your search for the best farming simulation games ends here! Muster up all the creativity to create your own farms and you can even compete with others for being the best farmer! The game is filled with activities and will never keep you bored. It could be planting the crops, milking the cow or selling the product at the market, there is always something to do!

  • Unlimited space for growing your barn
  • Addition of new features and missions regularly
  • Visits and interactions of guests on the farm
  • 150+ achievements to fulfill during the game
  • Grow more than 200+ types of produce and products

3. Farmville 2: Country Escape

Farmville 2

All farming fans out there would have definitely heard of the Farmville series. There is just endless stuff you can do here! Build your own farm, undertake adventures in farming, create new recipes, take care of animals and trade your produce. Another best part? You can play it anywhere and anytime without needing the internet.

  • Create a variety of goods and new recipes
  • Grow crops from a variety of options in fruits and vegetables
  • Trade your crops in the virtual market and chat with users from around the world
  • Participate in special farm adventures and earn rewards
  • Search and collect for rare items that can boost your farming

4. Golden Farm: Top Farming Game

Golden Farm - top farming Game

The best way indeed to relax after a stressful day is to play a farm simulator. Very few games can get as entertaining and relaxing as Golden Farm. Create your life at the village from scratch, grow harvest, build homes, take care of animals and earn money. Compete with other players to become the best farmer.

  • Grow trees, plants and a wide variety of produce on your farm.
  • Breed animals, interact with them to earn points
  • Upgrade and keep building buildings on your farm
  • Create and manage a delivery service through various modes of transport such as cars and trains.
  • Choose from the tons of décor and furniture available to customize your farm.

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5. Farm story

Farm Story

This is a game from TeamLava’s story franchise, which has a special valentine spin-off as well. This is an online game that comes with weekly free updates. So, you don’t have to spend much unless you are making an in-app purchase.

Its key features are –

  • You get over 150 varieties of fruits, vegetables, and flowers; and there is always an update to add still more species.
  • You can visit your neighbors to watch what are they doing with their farms.
  • Design and decorate your farm to make it the best in your neighborhood.
  • Show off your farm by clicking photos and posting them on facebook.

Ready to Play Farm Games on your iPhone/iPad?

Downloading and playing them is free. They offer a variety of farm games and they are engaging when it comes to missions and jackpots. The graphics make them believable. There is a lot more to them than regular farm games. So want to be a country person? Try them.

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