Best 15 Fake Email Address Generator Websites (Free)

This post helps you with Top 15 temporary or fake email address generator websites, Android and iOS Apps, Email IDs are essential for an almost everything these days. With limited options from the public email domains such as Gmail and Yahoo, it is best to use email generators to get your email IDs, mostly for FREE.  Since all that we are listing in this space are FREE, we rank these platforms based on ease of use and their popularity. Here we go!

  1. Temp-Mail.Org

This temporary email generator has been established with the hardcore intention of keeping from spam and bots.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking - 4,685
  • Daily Unique Visitors - 121,858
  • Android App – YES
  • Android Rating – 4.7
  • Apple App – YES
  • Apple Rating – 3.6
  1. YouMail

    YouMail is a popular fake email generator tool that enables generation of email IDs quickly and easily.

  1. Guerilla Mail

    GuerillaMail is one of the most prominent and popular fake email generator services.

  1. 10 Minute Mail

Emails generation on this platform expires in 10 min. One can generate email addresses on 10 Minute Mail almost instantly.

  1. Mailinator

Mailinator is one of the best and popular fake mail generator services that generate expendable email locations.

  1. Fake Email Generator

Fake Email Generator is a FREE email service that does not require registration and displays email instantly. This Fake email generator works with any services and there is no limit.

  1. NADA

NADA is the best fake email generator if you like to generate email IDs from different domains. The NADA has subsidiary disposable email service providers like airmail and givmail.

  1. ThrowAway Mail

ThrowAway Mail is an anonymous service that generates a temporary email with a certain duration constraint for the email inbox.

  1. AirMail

AirMail is a subsidiary of NADA and provides expendable email can in the comfort of a standard email.

  1. MyTempEmail

MyTempEmail is a Google application to generate fake email Ids and was introduced with the sole motive of providing temporary email addresses, due to increasing needs of email address on several un-trusted websites.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking - 115,408
  • Daily Unique Visitors - 3,305
  • Android App – YES
  • Android Rating – 4.7
  1. Fake Inbox

Fake Inbox is a durability constraint fake email generating website. The durability of the email ID generated with Fake Inbox is of one hour.

  1. MintEmail

Mint Email is a fake email generator service which offers comparatively advanced features that make this one of the best choices to create a fake email ID and disposable email locations.

  1. TEMPR Email

Offers temporary email addresses from across a range of domains.

  1. Dispostable

With Dispostable one can create customized email addresses according to one’s choice.

  1. MailExpire

MailExpire offers zero age constraint email IDs that one can keep and use for a lifetime.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking - 2,685,022
  • Daily Unique Visitors - 217 


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