Tips and Tricks to Play with Facebook:

This post contains purely a mix of FACEBOOK TIPS AND TRICKS. You may come across some of these tricks but there are some more tips and tricks you had never seen before. Many tricks in facebook are not known to everyone. Here are some smart tricks of facebook that you may need often, Just check these tricks, try these and Have fun.




           Facebook  Tips and Trick 1: ( Select who can see you in online chat: )
 To select your chat options click on the settings button in the chat section and go to “Advanced Settings” and select “Turn on chat for only some friends”. Enter the name of your friends only with whom you want to chat.
      FACEBOOK TIPS AND TRICK 2: ( Make your post visible only to certain people: )
You could make your post visible only to your city people or only to group of people who speak certain languages. When you are writing a post, change your “Public” status according to your wish. select “custom” option and enter the name of the friends whom you want to share.
3.       FACEBOOK TIPS AND TRICK 3: ( Edit the published comments: )
If you feel that your comment had some typos or some misunderstandings you could edit or delete your comment by clicking on the pencil icon.
 FACEBOOK TIPS AND TRICK 4: ( Make your profile pic un-clickable: )
Go to Albums-> Profile Pictures. Click on your current profile picture. Adjust the setting to “Only Me” under the option share with. You can do this only for profile picture. Cover picture is always visible to public and you can’t change it.
5.       FACEBOOK TIPS AND TRICK 5: ( Post a blank status: )
If u want to post a blank status on Facebook just type “@[0:0: ]” and click post button. If you want to do this for several lines just copy and paste the code multiple times. i.e
“@[0:0: ]”
“@[0:0: ]”
6.       FACEBOOK TIPS AND TRICK 6: ( Upside down facebook: )
You could turn your Facebook upside down. Go to settings and select “Language”. Click on the edit option and select language “English US(Upside Down).
 FACEBOOK TIPS AND TRICK 7: ( Find friends who deleted you: )
 click here.this app helps you to find the friends who deleted you. Login using your Facebook id and click on okay button to allow the software access your fb information. Now, you will see the list of the friends who deleted you. 
8.       FACEBOOK TIPS AND TRICK 8: ( Trace your profile visitors: )
Go to your profile page and press “ctrl + U“to view the source code. Now, press “ctrl + F”to open the search box and search for the code {“list”:
It shows some fb profile id’s of your friends. Now open a new tab to find out the friend. For example facebook.com/100005450616323
9.       FACEBOOK TIPS AND TRICK 7: ( Control email that you get from facebook: )
If you want to receive emails only regarding your private and security issues, click on the settings button and now select “Notifications” option in the left panel.  Click on “Edit” in “Email”. Now select “only notifications about your account, security and privacy”. Click “Turn Off” button in the pop up box. Now you will not receive emails regarding friends, post and tags.
10.   FACEBOOK TIPS AND TRICK 7: ( Stop getting status update: )
Last Facebook Tip, Click on the drop down arrow in your friend’s update and select “unfollow” option to stop receiving status update form that friend.


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