Endgadget is a popular name in the technology industry. It is a multilingual blog that aims to cover varied consumer electronics and gadgets on a daily basis. This technology company runs ten different blogs. You can find some of these blogs in international versions as well.

  • Industry: Publication/Media
  • Founded: March 2004
  • Founder(s): Peter Rojas
  • Website: https://www.engadget.com /

History of Endgadget

Endgadget was founded by Peter Rojas, co-founder, and former Gizmodo technology weblog editor. Endgadget grew to be the largest blog in Weblogs. Inc., which is a popular blog network having over 75 weblogs. It includes some renowned blog names like Joystiq, Autoblog and Hack-A-Day. However, Weblog Inc. was sold to AOL in the year 2005.

Later, in the year 2008, the editor-in-chief at Endgadget decided to quit and handed over the role and responsibility to Joshua Topolsky. Soon Topolsky also left Endgadget to start The Verge. He appointed Tim Stevens as the editor-in chief. Several other editors also made their way to Endgadget. Today, Michael Gorman is the editor in-house at Endgadget. He took over this position in the year 2014.

Presently, Endgadget is home to a total of ten blogs out of which four are written in the English language. The other six blogs have an independent editorial staff and are available in international versions too.

More about Endgadget

The year 2013 was a turning point for Endgadget. This was when AOL acquired Gdgt, a website that reviews devices. Gdgt was a creation of Block and Rojas again. Tim Stevens has left the post of editor-in-chief during at this moment. He transferred the position of interim executive editor to Marc Perton. Moreover, the features of gdgt were merged with Endgadget. It made Endgadget a more lucrative consumer electronic resource.

You can find the blogs run by Endgadget in seven different languages including Chinese, English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, German and Polish. On the other hand, the English version of Endgadget blogs consists of Engadget Classic (the original blog), Engadget HD, Endgadget Mobile and Engadget Alt.

Though all four of these blogs still exist but they have been wrapped up to Engadget Classic itself. The company also came up with a UK edition in the year 2014 to target the European Tech Market. Up till now, many remarkable writers have contributed valuable stuff to Endgadget. It includes everyone from industry analysts, high profile bloggers to professional journalists like Paul Boutin, Joshua Fruhlinger, Jason Calacanis, Phillip Torrone and Darren Murp.

Endgadget also started live podcasts being streamed on Thursday and Friday afternoons. The viewers can be a part of the podcasts through subscription on iTunes and RSS feed. Or the recorded version of the podcast is also made available, usually a day after. Ben Gilbert and Terrence O'Brien host the live podcasts at Endgadget. It was launched by Phillip Torrone and Len Pryor in the year 2004.

First ever Endgadget application was launched for the iPhone and iPod Touch in the year 2009. Soon after this, the application was made accessible on other mobile platforms as well.


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