EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Software Review – 2019

Our world involves the use of digital devices from time to time may give us problems. One of these problems is the deletion of data – whether accidental or intentional. At such times, we feel very disheartened thinking that the information we have lost will not be recovered. Fortunately, there is a hard drive recovery software called EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free that can help us recover our lost information for free. And, I’ve given a 50% deal for the premium version at the end of the post.

A great software

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is considered one of the finest free hard drive recovery software on the market. Its main use is it helps you recover data that you have deleted or formatted or lost on your digital device which could be your PC or laptop or another removable device. The nice thing about using this hard drive recovery software is it works quickly. Even better, it is very easy to use. This hard drive recovery software works well in the hands of IT professionals as well as for regular users. The interface is very simple and anyone – including those with minimal IT knowledge – can use it without any problem.

Free to use

This hard drive recovery software is absolutely free to use. The free version does allow you to recover up to 2GB of data which could be your lost pictures or documents or videos. It also helps you recover audio files as well as emails and compressed files as well as other data types. If you want to recover more information, then you will need to upgrade to the paid version of this excellent hard drive recovery software. This hard drive recovery software works on both Windows systems as well as Mac systems.

Useful features

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free has a number of useful features. First and foremost, it allows you to recover data after you have formatted your hard disk. The nice thing is it works quickly and precisely and will get you back all the data you lost through formatting your disk.

Recovers deleted files

The recovery software also helps you retrieve data that was lost because of accidental deletion. Your files and pictures, as well as documents and videos, will all be recovered. If you have sent the data to the recovery bin and emptied it out, then again, this hard drive recovery software helps you get back all the information from the recycle bin.

The other thing about this hard drive recovery software is it recovers data from a lost partition, from a hard drive that has been corrupted. It is also good at recovering data which was lost because of a virus attack and if your Operating System crashed and made you lose your data, then this excellent hard drive recovery software recovers that information as well.

Download, install and run

To recover your data, you need to first install EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free and then you need to run the hard drive recovery software. Be sure to choose your drive or storage device and select the scan option which could either be a Quick Scan or a Deep Scan. Once it is done scanning your device, it will then throw up all the information it has found regarding lost data.

You can pick and choose whatever files you wish to recover and then specify a location. It will recover the data and put in the location that you specified earlier. That is all there is to using this outstanding recovery software. Now, you can get it with the lowest price at 50% off.

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