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Instagram, I don’t think if there is a need to say anything about the app, because even while reading this article it might be running in the background already on your devices. We are familiar with the app and even addicted. We just cannot stop checking it every other hour. And one of the most common things is the videos that it offers. Be it the less than 1-minute videos on the post or their full-fledged version on IGTV, there is a common crisis that we face. We saw how to repost Instagram videos, now, How to download an Instagram video?

Download Instagram Videos

Because I don’t think if we will have any second thoughts about it, that some of the videos on Instagram are so funny or maybe so emotional or so good in any other way, that we don’t want to lose track of them. And that is why this article.

Ways to Download Instagram Videos

Here are the different ways to download Instagram, IGTV videos in good quality on your PC and phone - Android, iPhone. These methods contain Mobile Apps, Video downloaders, and online sites to download videos.

1. Video Downloader for Instagram (Android App)

This android app is one of the best ways to download an Instagram video. Although Android users are at the most profit when it comes to such apps, as they will find abundant apps to help them with the task.

Not only does the app does that, but it also lets you repost the videos and use the tags used in the original video without any extra effort.

Install Video Downloader for Instagram (Android)

2. IFTTT to Download IG videos to DropBox

This is an applet for the above task. In addition to having it, you’d need an IFTTT account, a Dropbox account, and an Instagram account. It is available for android as well as iOS. You can directly use it through the web as well.

All you have to do is add the video to the applet or like a video and it will be automatically downloaded to the chosen Dropbox folder.

Instagram to mp4 dropbox

Follow this link - Applet to Download Instagram videos to dropbox

3. Dredown - Instagram video Downloader

It was previously known as Instadown and is a web app. It is one of the first tools that was made to download Instagram videos and that is why one of the most reliable ones too.

  1. Copy the video URL and paste it in Dredown, and the download will start.
    dredown - Instagram URL
  2. Click Dredown button and find the Video download button.
    dredown - Instagram video download
  3. Click on the MP4 to get the video.

It is compatible with other applications like youtube, Vimeo, Twitter, and Vevo as well. All you need is the URL to whatever video or photo you want to download.

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4. BlastUp Video Downloader

This is another web app you can go for. It works the same way as other apps, just paste the video URL in the app. And then depending on the size of the video your download will start shortly.

Blastup IG video downloader

Remember that no matter how many apps are available on google play for you to download a video and no matter how easy it is to do the task, you cannot download a video from a private account, even if you follow the account and they follow you back. All this is only possible with public accounts.

Blastup IG video downloader steps

Also, you can easily copy the link by clicking on the three dots on the rightmost corner of any post. To download the videos, you need to allow the video downloader app to access your Instagram information. The video that you download is mostly in the mp4 format.

So, these were the video downloading options for Instagram. There are plenty more available on the web and in the form of applications, but the ones mentioned above are being used vastly and as a great interface as well.


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