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Looking at How to download an Instagram story? this post will help you - Instagram Stories allows users to post their captures such as images and videos in the form of slide shows. In addition to media, a user can also post textual content, emoticons, etc. which are available as stories. This feature offers a more spontaneous way to display and share your content with your followers that are available for 24 hours on their feed. 

Download Instagram story

Since Instagram is owned and governed by Facebook, an Instagram user can also share his Instagram stories with their Facebook followers as well. Although Instagram stories can be viewed by your followers for 24 hours, it is available for you to view on your profile’s highlights forever. These stories can be downloaded and saved on your photo gallery as separate images/videos or a single story video. Here is how it is done.

How to Download Instagram Stories Android and iOS?

The whole process of saving stories of others can get a little complicated and varies according to the device you are using. Here is what you should if you are using either Android or iOS mobile devices.

Note: Apps listed in this article are not affiliated with Instagram and it is highly recommended to get the approval of users whose Instagram media files you intend to download. 

Android Apps to Download Instagram Stories

1. Download Insta story on Android

If you are accessing your Instagram via an Android app, you can download/save photos, videos, stories, profile photos of your followers using Story saver for Instagram from Google Play store.

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2. Story Saver App by YOBA

This is one of the best apps to download stories, where you just need to log in with your Instagram account, browse IDs and tap on the story that you want to save. This app also allows you to share your favorite stories. You can also repost on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. There are no hidden charges to use this application.

Note that continuous usage of this app to save stories on Instagram can have your account disabled since this is not affiliated with Instagram. So, use it wisely.

3. Story Saver for Instagram

Want to download your favorite Instagram stories and tired of searching for apps to do the same? Check this out. With a simple and easy to use interface, you can simply save stories as you view them.

This app also supports the login of multiple accounts, and you can also bookmark a particular account that you like. The best part is that it is 100% free to use!

4. Instagram Story Saver by One Tap Labs

An easy to use the app to download your favorite stories (videos or photos) from Instagram. Download videos to your phone directly or even repost them. You can also browse for the different stories from the feed and search for the stories of a specific user. Access the stories of users quickly by adding them as favorites.

iOS Apps to Download Instagram Stories

1. Download Insta story on iPhone

Instagram Story saver iphone

With the help of the Repost Story of the Instagram appyou can save videos and photos either from your or your follower’s timelines. Additionally, the app also allows you to download their post photos, videos, profile pictures as well. 

2. Repost Story for Instagram

A handy app where you can store all your favorite content in one place. Be it videos, photos, stories, profile pictures, with simple steps, you can save them or repost them on your profile.

This app also allows you to watch the Instagram stories of your friends in anonymous. If you have multiple accounts, you can add them too and manage all the content seamless through this user-friendly interface.

3. Fastsave

This app allows saving multiple videos and photos and you can view them too at the same time at the top of the home screen. It provides high downloading speed and the dashboard makes managing saved videos easier. This app also allows a locker to hide the downloaded content. What do you want more when this one works for both, Android and iOS just fine?

How to Download Instagram Stories Desktop?

If you are accessing your Instagram account from Desktop, the only way to get Story downloaded is with the help of external applications/tools. There are a couple of online tools that you can use for this. You can also use these websites on your mobile.

  1. Open, you'll see the site like below

  2. Enter the username and click Get stories.

    Download story

  3. Click on the Download button to download the story.

  • StoriesIG is a web-based app to save Instagram stories. Here, you need to look for the ID whose story you want to download. Clicking on the story will lead to redirect you to a download link from where you can simply save the story on whatever device you want.


  • Storydownloader is another such web application. This app allows you to view stories anonymously. There are no login requirements. You just need to head over to the website, type a username, click on ‘get stories’ and voila!


All you have to do with these tools is to provide account’s username which lists down their stories. Tap on download the save it on your desktop.

Are these the best ways?

Honestly, they are not.

Instagram has become strict in its security policies and is quick to take action if the user behaviour is not appropriate. None of the above applications are affiliated to Instagram, so continuous usage of them can have your account disabled or even deleted.

The safest method if you want to save stories is to take screenshot of them. An even safer method is to ask the user to send the image of the story through DM. This way, even the privacy of the user is maintained.

Although these apps make work easy, be very careful before using them.

How to Save your own Instagram Stories in Android & iOS?

If you intend to download your Instagram stories as a video or as separate images/videos in it, follow the below steps – 

  1. Log in to your Instagram account and open the story
  2. At the bottom of the story, tap on 3 horizontal dots ( in case of iPhone) and 3 vertical dots ( in case of Android)
  3. Tap on Save (for iPhone) or Save Photo/Video (for Android)
  4. In the case of the iPhone, tap on Save to download the entire Story video or tap on Save Photo/Video to download/save individual photos or videos. 

Ready to Save Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories are a great way to let your followers know your life in instants. When you adore their stories, get them downloaded on your device in style. In style, it would be provided you download them with your follower’s permission. 


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