How to Disable Autofill in Chrome [Password, Address, Payment]

InternetHow to Disable Autofill in Chrome

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  • Stop annoying Auto-fills in Google Chrome Browser
  • You can try the steps on both PC and Mobile
  • You can revert the process to enable Auto-fill

The autofill is a type of feature provided by Google to save your time and to do surfing fast without wasting your time in filling the basic details like your Passwords, Gmail accounts, Shipping Addresses, and Payment Methods. When Auto-fill is enabled, as you enter passwords, addresses, payment methods on any website, the browser prompt automatically and asks you to save your details. If you want to save just you need to click on OK.  The advantage of this feature is that when you visit it in the future, you don’t have to fill in the details again. Google will fill in the asked details automatically just you need to click ‘OK’ and proceed further.

How to Disable Auto-fill in Google Chrome

However, different people have different approaches in their life and maybe some of them would not like this feature as like me. The feature of Auto-fill definitely should be in Chrome but sometimes we just don’t want to share our details with Google, maybe for privacy reasons or maybe just we want to type it again and again so that we don’t forget our passwords.

If you want to disable the autofill feature on chrome if already enabled or maybe you want to enable it again, then this post will help you. You can try these steps to disable autofill in mobile phones, tablets as well as PC. Now, I’m going to give you step by step guide with pictures and make you clearly understand “How to enable/disable Auto-fill in Google Chrome.

Disable Auto-fill in Google Chrome on PC and Mobile

The first step to do disable Autofill is to stop Google from saving up the details. So, Let’s see how to do this-

  1. Open Chrome Application in your PC or Mobile Phone.
  2. Go to Tap on 3 vertical dots.

    Chrome setting
  3. Select Settings in dropdown menu.

    Chrome settings
  4. After this, a panel will open, Go under section of ‘Auto-fill’ in PC and Basic in Phone.

    Chrome Autofill
  5. Click on ‘Password’ and turn off to “save passwords”

    Turn off autofill password
  6. Now Click on ‘Payments’ and turn off to “Save and fill payment methods”
  7. This time click on ‘Addresses’ and More and turn off to “save and fill addresses”

    Turn off chrome autofill

Here you are done with stopping your data save automatically but chrome will not stop filling data automatically yet. You will have to also delete previously stored data. So now how to do this, again, this one is also very simple Let’s start to do this.

How to delete previously saved data (Auto-fill and Password)

  1. Open Chrome and Click on the three vertical dots, which are provided at right side top corner next to your Gmail account photo.
  2. Click on “Privacy and security” and click on “Clear Browsing Data”.
  3. Under this open menu, click on ‘advanced’ section.
  4. Untick each and every one except “Password and other sign in data” and “Auto-fill data”
  5. Now, just click on “Clear Data”.
  6. That’s all done. Enjoy.

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