How to Delete WhatsApp Account (Just 5 Steps)

InternetHow to Delete WhatsApp Account (Just 5 Steps)

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WhatsApp is a standout among other social application utilized by your relatives to watch out for you. Erasing your WhatsApp account could be somewhat outrageous. If, for no good reason, you can delete WhatsApp from your life, here is the thing that you should do.

How to delete WhatsApp
Delete WhatsApp

Deleting WhatsApp account:

Uninstalling the application simply does not help. It just erases the WhatsApp symbol from your phone. Each and every message of yours, regardless, come to WhatsApp servers and once you reinstall the application, they will be still there. Furthermore regardless of all that you’ll be a bit of every single one of those family social affairs and visits. Yet, there is an approach to erase, totally erase, WhatsApp and here the below mention details are ought to be used for the deletion of the account.

Before erasing a WhatsApp account,

Once you erase your record from WhatsApp, it will for all time delete your whole message history. And this means that every one of your messages and talk history including your text in your groups, media (pictures and recordings) and everything else will also get deleted from the phone and Google Drive as well.

Steps to Delete Whatsapp Account:

  1. Go to WhatsApp Settings:
    Open WhatsApp application and go to its Settings. Tap on the ‘More option’ menu at the upper right corner of your WhatsApp. A drop-down with the various option will show up. You need to tap on the ‘Settings’ choice.
  2. Click Account in the List of options:
    Tap on the account option.Click account
  3. Click Delete my Account:
    Under Account settings, WhatsApp will give you an option of a few different choices to look over. Basically, you need to tap on the option ‘Delete my Account.’Click delete Whatsapp account
  4. Accept WhatsApp warning:
    Once you tap on that, WhatsApp will intimate out of concern about things that you will lose access to your account once you erase your account i.e., talk history, group text or simple text, Google Drive back up and so on, as shown below.Delete WhatsApp account
  5. Choose your country code and type phone number and click Delete My Account:
    To delete your account for forever, affirm your nation code and enter a phone number which is related to your WhatsApp account. And now, tap on ‘Delete My Account.’

puff! you are out of WhatsApp now! If you are feeling any difficulties in deleting your WhatsApp account please comment below.

How to Delete Whatsapp Backup

Whatsapp will definitely have their backup of all the chats which is also necessary to delete if you completely want to erase the history of your WhatsApp. It is necessary to delete all your WhatsApp backups as they cannot be targeted. Even, though deleting your account will delete all of your backups but still it is important to check that if you’re all of your backups are deleted or not. In, this case Whatsapp will automatically delete all of your chats and all of your Google drive backups and erase your message history also. So there is one less thing to worry about but to be still sure about you can follow these steps.

1) Open Your Google drive

2) Select the gear icon

3) Search for the managing apps

4) Look for the Whatsapp in this section if it is not present then it is clear that your Whatsapp folder has been deleted.

It is the best step for the surety that your Whatsapp Backups has been deleted.

The Advantages of Deleting the WhatsApp Account

The Whatsapp can be very much annoying for somebody. The constant pinging of the reacted mundane messages will eventually push somebody to delete their account permanently. It is possible and can be a stress reliever to leave the same old illogical groups which are constantly disturbing you. So it is quite easy to delete WhatsApp account permanently so to distance yourself from the same and get dejected from the sensory overload which is constantly pinging you.

Consequences of Deleting the Whatsapp Account

There are certain things which one have to keep in mind before deleting WhatsApp account. Firstly, after deleting your account it is impossible to regain access to your account. Under, normal conditions it is not even possible to get a copy of your old messages. So save your important chats and media for that matter in a file. Secondly, the data will remain stored in the WhatsApp back up servers for a long period of time. So your data is still unsafe from the potential hackers and you can still be prone to identity theft. This is a grave situation as Whatsapp can delete our personal data instantly but even though they didn’t do this. Lastly, they keep on holding your logs for identity in case of personal frauds but they remove the personal identifiers so that it is not understood that whose data is this.

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