How to Delete a Facebook Page

How to Delete Facebook Page?

Creating a Facebook page is fairly easy. However, maintaining it is a time-consuming process. You can always delete FB page, in case it is consuming too much of your time. You might want to delete theFacebook page because you do not get the proposed value, likes or popularity out of it. Once you create a Facebook page, you will often receive a lot of notifications from it which might hinder your daily productivity.

Under such scenarios, it is a good idea to get rid of the page by deleting it. Deleting a Facebook page will help you save a lot of time as well as efforts that you otherwise need to put in to operate the page and keep the followers happy.

However, before I teach you how to delete FB page, you need to keep the following notes in mind.

Important Note: Read Before You Delete FB Page

  1. You can delete the Facebook from the mobile application as well as from a browsing window.
  2. You can only delete a Facebook page for which you are the sole admin. In case you are not the admin of the page or have several co-admins, you are not entitled to delete the page without approval from the other admins.
  3. Deleting the Facebook page will delete all the posts on the page automatically. No one will be able to locate or search for the page again.
  4. You will also lose all the followers on the page. In case you wish to remake the page, you have to start from the beginning.
  5. You might want to unpublish your page and not delete it entirely. Unpublishing the page will allow you to hide your page. This way no one will be able to search for your page or see its posts. You can always publish your page back to life with a few clicks once you wish to do so. This is a good way to ensure that you do not lose your valuable followers and start off exactly where you left.
  6. Facebook does not delete your page right away. Instead, the page stays in the unpublished state for a period of next 14 days. You have the option to revert your decision back and republish your page in this period. However, in case you do not do so, Facebook will automatically delete the page after the expiry of the period.

Now that you have understood the meaning of deleting a page, we shall discuss the various steps associated with deleting it.

Method to Delete FB Page

You can delete your Facebook page (for which you are the sole admin) using the following steps.

  1. Login from the administrator account and go to the page. You can either go to the page using the link located on the side of your news feed or search for it using the Graph search bar.
  2. Now, click on

Facebook setting

  1. Now, tap on Edit Settings. In these settings, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the option Delete (XYZ) Page.

Delete Facebook Page

  1. Facebook will ask you for confirmation to delete the page. Click on Delete Page.

Permanently delete the page

Facebook will delete your page only after 14 days of filing the initial deletion request. If you do not wish to delete FB page, in the meanwhile, you can go back to your page and cancel the deletion using the same steps. You can only delete the page when you are an admin for it. So, make sure that you log in using the account which you use to operate the page as an admin.


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