How to Delete All Instagram Posts at Once?

Are you a professional photographer looking for ways to delete all your Instagram Photos and Videos to replace them with your recent shoots, or a person who came back to Instagram just to look at all your embarrassing old photos? or are you planning to clean your Instagram account and Looking for ways to delete all your Instagram posts in your account, this post is for you? I've mentioned two different apps that will help you delete all your previous posts in just a click of a button.

Is there really a way to delete all Instagram Posts in a single click?

The only official way to delete all your Instagram post is to delete the posts one by one, and you don't have the option inside Instagram settings to delete posts in bulk, to delete posts one by one you have to go to each post, click on the More option (three dots) and choose delete post. This will permanently delete the post from your account. This is fine if you have less than 20 to 30 posts, but, what if you have more than 100? Deleting one by one will take you more time. Here are two Apps for Android and iOS. You can use them to delete all your Instagram posts in a single click.

Apps to delete All Instagram posts at once

How to delete All posts on Instagram

Here is the list of apps you can use to delete all your Instagram posts at once, you can use these apps on your iPhone and Android mobiles using your Instagram account.

  1. InstaClean - Cleaner for IG
  2. Instant Cleaner - for Instagram

Disclaimer: Some of the apps mentioned here are out of Apple store and Google play store, these apps might get your login credentials and use them for different purposes, so use these accounts at your own risk.

1. InstaClean - Cleaner for IG

InstaClean is the best app to delete multiple posts in your Insta account at a single click, and also this app can help you unfollow multiple users, accept new followers, remove followers easy and quick. With the InstaClean app, you can unlike multiple posts.

How to use InstaClean app to delete all Instagram posts:

  1. Install InstaClean from Apple store or APKpure for Android (Third-party Android store).
  2. Now, log in to your Instagram account with your user name and password.
  3. Now choose to Delete Multiple posts from the option.
  4. Choose delete all post option or Click on the posts you want to delete.
  5. Now click on the delete button.
Delete All Instagram Posts at once

2. Instant Cleaner - for Android

This is another third-party Android app for you to mass delete Insta posts, this is the same as InstaClean, If InstaClean app mentioned above didn't work for you, you can try Instant Cleaner for the Instagram app from Aptoide.

  1. Install Instant Cleaner from Aptoide at your own risk.
  2. Now Sign in to your Instagram account.
  3. Choose Multiple delete or Delete All posts at once.
  4. Confirm deleting posts.

Now all your posts will be deleted from your Instagram account.


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