List of alternatives for craigslist

InternetList of alternatives for craigslist

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In this post I’ve given Top 7 Popular Websites just like Craigslist. You can use these website for the perfect Craigslist alternate.

One of the most popular, old, classified and reputed advertisement website Craigslist, found by Craig Newmark in 1995 was initially launched only for US users, the website slowly made its way across continents and now is used by millions of people worldwide. However, due to certain controversial issues, this website’s negative discussions started coming out in forums and across social media. Since then, people have started looking for alternatives for this website. Here are some websites where one can buy and sell items as perfectly as possible free of cost.

  1. Facebook Marketplace

    facebook-marketplaceThe most popular social media application does not fail to prove its worth even in the field of buying and selling. The “For Sale” listing of Facebook deals with all the items that are listed on for purchase. One has to simply type the name of their local city and online yard sale to find groups selling products locally. Or click on “Buy and Sell groups” button in the explore menu; or marketplace tab on the left sidebar of the Facebook page.

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  2. Oodle

    oodleJust like Craigslist, Oodle provides people a local market place for buying and selling. Other websites show only the listing that the sellers have posted in the marketplace themselves, but in Oodle, some listings are also posted directly from other alternative websites. It has separate sections such as Merchandise, Cars, Rentals, Real Estate, and Jobs etc.

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  3. Recyler

    Another similar website, Recylcer is an internet classified which started as a local classified in Southern California but now works as a national marketplace throughout the country of USA. The website has direct listings to Facebook and twitter so that you can post your advertisements directly to reach potential buyers and targeted groups.

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  4. FinderMaster

    It is the fastest growing classified ads site among other Craigslist alternatives and works just as well from the beginning with this motive. The services provided by it are so proper and efficient that it pulls customer to do more business with them. Its smooth design and modern looks add as a bonus to the site which makes it all the more appealing and extraordinary. With possibly every country added to their list, it provides a wide range of categories for sale such as real estate, pets, cars, etc.

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  5. Ebay

    One of the oldest and the best multinational e-commerce company, it facilitates sales through its website on consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer basis. One can sell and buy used goods by directly posting to the website. It also provides an auction selling option. However, it does sometimes charge listing and selling fees in some instances. This can affect the profit margin of the seller unless they raise the price to cover the gap.

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  6. Olx

    Another good alternative to Craigslist is It is one of the fastest emerging classified websites on the internet. Launched in 2006, this global online marketplace has expanded its business of late and now operates in 45 countries. It is very simple to get buyers and sellers on the website as ads can be posted on it from anywhere around the globe. It has recently launched it app for Android and iOS users which contains features like GPS tracking and personal chats.

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  7. Hoobly

    hooblyHoobly is one of the best sites and allows you to select your region while you search for an item you want to buy. This feature is very beneficial both for buyers and sellers. You can add photos or videos and description of your product and it will be up on the page in a few minutes. It is very simple and efficient.

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So, Which one is the best Alternative for Craigslist?

craigslistMentioned above are the best alternatives for Craigslist based on their Popularity and various functionality, You just try them and pick your best. Give your comments if you find any difficulties.

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