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Watching YouTube videos or Movies on a Big screen is really cool and if you have access to control that using your phone what else do you need? keep the pop-corns ready and start following these steps to Cast YouTube on your TV. you can also download videos from YouTube and play on TV.

Cast YouTube on TV using your Phone

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Steps to Connect YouTube on TV with your Mobile. These steps work on Smart TVs with Android and iPhone mobiles.

  1. Open YouTube App on TV and Choose Pair

    Turn On your Smart TV, Open the YouTube app, go to settings and choose PAIR DEVICE.
    YouTube app pair on TV

  2. Open YouTube Mobile App and Click on your Profile

    Open YouTube App on your Mobile Phone and click on the profile icon at the top right corner.YouTube home screen

  3. Scroll down and click on Settings

    You’ll find Settings option below incognito mode, click on that.YouTube Settings

  4. Click on “Watch on TV”

    Scroll down and Click Watch on TV.Watch YouTube on TV

  5. Connect to Same Wi-Fi network as your TV

    Now, Connect to the same Wi-Fi network as your TV or click on the Open Wi-Fi setting. Once both phone and TV on the same Wi-Fi, you’ll find TV’s name click on that to start YouTube Casting
    YouTube to TV setting

  6. Cast YouTube using TV Code

    Scroll down in Watch on TV to find Link with TV code, Click on Enter TV Code. to get the code go to YouTube app on TV and select Link TV with Code.
    YouTube to TV setting - Copy

  7. Enter the Code to Watch YouTube on TV

    Now you’ll get 4 digit pair code on TV, Enter that in your mobile and click Cast, now you can cast YouTube from your Mobile to TV.YouTube Link with TV code

FAQs on Connecting YouTube Mobile to TV

How do you watch YouTube on your TV from your computer?

Go to or Open YouTube App on your Laptop or PC and Select Cast option under settings, and pair Computer with TV using TV code.

What is TV code for YouTube?

TV code is a pairing code to connect your phone or Computer with your TV, this is mainly used for security purpose.

How do I disconnect YouTube on my TV?

Open YouTube TV app and click on the Settings option at the left and go to the accounts section and click on “Remove account”.


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