How to Connect Airpods with Android and use Google Assistant

Connecting Airdrop on iPhone, iPad, Mac, or even Apple Watch is easy-peasy, but one big question to the people since these AirPods unveiled, Can I use Airpods on my Android phone? YES, you can connect Airdrop on Android mobiles, Tablets, or any other device with Bluetooth. You just have to initiate pairing like any other Bluetooth device on your Android Mobile.

Steps to Connect Airpods on Android

Connecting AirPods with Android

These are the simple steps to Connect your Apple AirPods on your Android Device.

  1. Turn ON Airpods and enable pairing

    Take the AirdPods out of the box and click on the button to initiate pairing request.

  2. Turn Bluetooth ON in your Android Mobile

    Take your phone and Turn ON the Bluetooth option.

  3. Initiate Pairing request on Android Phone for the Airdroid

    On your android phone see the Airpods name in the available devices. Click on the Airpods name to initiate pairing

  4. Airpods connected to Android successfully

    When you see the Airdrop connected message, you can start using Airdpods on your Android.

How to Get AirPods functionality on Android

AirPods are made for Apple devices, you might miss some of the functionalities like automatic ear detection, double-tap, Airpods battery indicator, and Automatic pausing that you get with iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Download and Install Assistant Trigger

Connecting AirPods with Android

You clearly know that using AirPods on Android won't open Siri however you call her, the best way is using the Assistant trigger app to call help from your Google Assistant.

Assistant trigger will sync with your AirPods 1, AirPods 2, and AirPods Pro, See AirPods and case battery level on a pop-up, Double-tap on AirPods gen 2 and single squeeze AirPods pro to trigger Google voice assistant. This App also helps you make AirPods tells you the name of the callers.

You can also use another thirdparty Android application called AirBattery app to get the battery indicator.

Fix - Unable to connect AirPods with Android

You might face many connection problems while trying to pair your Airpods with Android mobiles, one such is you find difficult to see the Airpods on available devices list. In this situation retry pairing your Airpods, Turn Bluetooth OFF and ON on the mobile, sometime you might get confused with the name, check your AirPods name.

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