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compress-jpeg-and-png-imageHow to compress images online?

We'll be opening Photoshop or Paint to compress images to upload any photos for some registration purposes, or to have the images stored in your drives with reduced size, or for even more, Compressing images online takes only 2 minute by using let's see how to compress PNG and JPEG image by this online website.

Compress Images online:

Following is the step by step guide to Compress JPEG and PNG images Online in 2 minutes, Just follow them and before that Make sure you are having the source images in JPEG and PNG Format.

Step 1: Go to

Compress Jpeg and Png OnlineStep 2: Click on the Box or Drag and drop your Images, you can Upload up to 20 images of 5 MB maximum each. 

Compress Jpeg and Png Online

Step 3: You can see all your Images gets Uploaded, Compressed and Finished.

Step 4: Click Download to download the images.

You can see the Saved Percentage of Image size and Total Size saved at the box below.


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