How to Clear Facebook Search History (PC/App)

Need to clear your Facebook search history? This post will help you – Facebook is one of the most widely used social platforms even today, in the age where Instagram and Twitter are dominating. Facebook has a colossal base of users, pages, communities who have been connected with the platform for such a long time that completely getting from it is hard. While using Facebook, you might come across a situation where you will need to delete the history of your searches, for instance. Although it is pretty straight – forward, here are the step by step guide for those struggling to find the right method to do so:

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Here in this post, I’ve given 2 steps to delete Facebook Search histories, one for PC/laptop website version and another one for Android or iOS Mobile App version. You can also read my previous posts on How to Delete FB Photos, Delete Facebook messages, and more.

Clear Facebook History in Facebook Desktop Website

Step 1: Login to your Facebook Desktop with the credentials and visit your Profile Page.

Step 2: On the timeline image of yours, you will find a button marked as ‘Activity Log’. Click on that.

Step 3: On the left side column, you will find an option called ‘Search History’. Click on that.

FB Activity Log

Step 4: Your search history will appear along with the dates. On the top, you will find an option titled, ‘Clear Searches’.

Facebook Search History

Step 5: You will be asked for confirmation if you want to clear the searches. Confirm to clear them.

Do note that the user will not be notified when you search for them. And only you as the user can see the searches you have made.

Clear Facebook History in Facebook App

Deleting the search history through the Facebook App is, even more straight – forward. Follow these simple steps enlisted below:

Step 1: Open the Facebook Application.

Step 2: Tap on the Search bar at the top of the screen and click on ‘Edit’ which is present on the top right of the drop-down menu.

Facebook Search History in FB App

Step 3: The list of searches will appear on the screen on the top of which will be an option to ‘Clear Searches’. Click on it.

make FB search private

The searches from your Facebook app has also been cleared. Again, the same terms apply as for the Desktop version, that only you can see the searches you have made. So, these were the simple steps to delete Facebook history!

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How to Clear Facebook Search History (PC/App)

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