Browser Shortcut Tips and Tricks to Make your Works Faster!

InternetBrowser Shortcut Tips and Tricks to Make your Works Faster!

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Browser Shortcut Tips and Tricks

Are you an IT Professional, college student or a person who work with your PC to deal with the Internet, Here are some Shortcut tips and Tricks for Your Brower. Follow these for super cool fast experience with your browser and finish your tasks sooner.  These are Minute tips, this could reduce a second of your work but Maybe a million seconds in your lifetime. These Tips will work with particular browsers like Google Chrome browser, Firefox browser only and I’ll mention them too.

1. Using WWW in URL bar is useless.

Typing an URL in browser,  URL structure is, likewise we’ll type but there is no need to type “WWW.” the browser could understand that you are going to type a domain name hence “” is enough.

    What others do:

            What we do:

2. Typing .com is useless.

Typing a “.com” domain in your Browser URL. Normal people do “” smart People “” but we do “waftr“+”Ctrl+Enter“, Pressing “Ctrl+Enter” after typing the domain name will automatically adds www. and .com front and back.

            What others do: |

             What we do : waftr and Ctrl+Enter

3. Search anything in your URL bar.

If Normal People wanna search something on Google, He’ll type in the URL bar and then, he’ll type his search query to find the result, but what we’ll do is.

Type your Search query in your Browser URL, common URL bars act as Google search bar by default. Go check now, I’m waiting.

4. Search Everything in your URL bar :P.

Okay let’s come over here, Normal people wanna search a video on, He’ll go to and then he’ll type his search query there. But we super smart People ” Type in URL and give a space, now your URL bar will be a youtube Search bar.”


5. Make use of Add-ons.

Go ahead and use Add-ons and Extensions in your Browser. Extensions like Pushbullet for Android, Gmail, Facebook and Much could help you in making your work easier.

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