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Windows 11 comes with many great features. From using android apps on your Windows device to having a much cleaner interface, Windows 11 is going to be something that everyone’s gonna love. Though we aren’t sure when these features will roll out, once they do, they’d be awesome. It means, for experiencing those new features of Windows 11, you must wait for some time. But there’s something for which you won’t have to wait. What’s that? New Wallpapers!

The screen of any device is the part with which you interact the most and having a better wallpaper really pays off. Whenever you keep your device ideal while leaving the screen on, the first thing that’d catch anyone’s attention is going to be the wallpaper. Different wallpapers provide different looks and feel to your device. Sometimes, even having a good wallpaper may help in boosting your productivity. Having a wallpaper with many vibrant colors may keep you in a better mood and a good mood would definitely be helpful in your work. Though, having a single colored wallpaper may also have its own advantages. It would give a more professional look to your Windows device and you might feel like working harder rather than slacking off. With Windows 11, you get some new, cooler wallpapers than Windows 10 and you might end up liking them a lot. Those wallpapers might change automatically on your device or you may have a permanent wallpaper too. But if someone wants to change them? Can’t you have your wallpapers the way you want them to be? 

Since the operating system has changed drastically, many users would be facing great trouble while navigating themselves with the different features on Windows 11. You, too, might want to change the wallpaper for your Windows 11 device but aren’t able to…right? What shall you do? Nothing, just rely on us because we have the easiest, step-by-step guide on how to change wallpapers on Windows 11. These steps are really easy to follow and can be used to change the wallpaper for your Windows 11 device anytime.

So, here are the steps to change the wallpaper on Windows 11: 

  1. Right- Click Start (Windows Icon) and go to settings.

    Windows 11 Settings
  2. Now, click on ‘Personalization’.

    Personalization - windows 11
  3. Click on ‘background’, which can be found on the left panel among the many options. 

    Change Desktop wallpaper in Windows 11
  4. Now, you can manually select a previously saved wallpaper on your Windows 11 device or can browse to find another pic on your device which you want to set as your wallpaper.

    Windows 11 gives you three different options while choosing a wallpaper for your device. They are as follows:
    1. Picture- Simply select any wallpaper which is already available on your device. You can also choose a photo from your device’s memory.
    2. Solid Colour- You can choose between different solid colors to set anyone as your wallpaper. There is a wide range of colors in the list and you can even merge multiple colors to make a new one for yourself.
    3. Slideshow- With this option, Windows shows you all the different pics on your device which you can set as your wallpaper. You can also set multiple wallpapers for your device which would change at any particular interval of time, automatically.

You can also find the default Windows 11 wallpapers here ‘C:\Windows\Web\’. 

Read more here – How To Find Windows 11 Wallpaper Location?

The steps mentioned above are really easy to understand and follow. But there’s a faster way to set a wallpaper for anyone who just wants a pic to be their wallpaper.

Right-click an image and set it as desktop background

If you’re fine with any picture of your choice and don’t want a solid color to be your desktop background, just follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Download and locate the image which you want to use as your desktop background.
  2. Right-click the file of the image without opening it and select ‘Set as desktop background’. Now continue the steps which the device asks you to.
Set as desktop background
Set as desktop background
  1. Open the image.
  2. Open the menu at the top right corner (three vertical dots). You can also Right-click on the image which you opened.
  3. Now, click on ‘Set as’.
  4. Lastly, choose ‘Set as Background’.

And, you’re ready to rock!

The second way which we stated is quite easy and fast for anyone who wants to change the wallpaper to any particular photo and doesn’t want any solid colors as their wallpaper. 

How to Change the Lock Screen Wallpaper in Windows 11

You can also change the lock screen wallpaper for your Windows 11 device with some simple steps. Those are a bit different from changing wallpaper on the desktop. So, we’d also describe those steps briefly for you. Here’s a complete guide on how to change the lock screen wallpaper on Windows 11:

Choose image as lock screen image in Windows 11
Choose image as lock screen image in Windows 11
  1. Press “Windows + I” on your device’s keyboard.
  2. You’d then reach the Settings menu of Windows. Find and select ‘Personalization’ on the left pane. 
  3. Select “lock screen”.
  4. Now click on the ‘Background’ menu and you’ll have three options to choose from. These three different options have three different functionalities.
    1. Windows spotlight- It automatically changes the background to the different pictures which are selected by Windows.
    2. Picture- It lets you select and keep any particular picture constantly in the background.
    3. Slideshow- It switches between different images from folders of your choice. 

So, we’ve covered everything you need to know regarding changing desktop background and lock screen wallpaper. Choose any wallpaper that matches your work experience and suits you the best.

Bonus – Windows 11 Wallpaper 4K And HD Download

Since our devices are just like our home where we spend the majority of our time, they should also give us familiar vibes. Therefore, keep that in mind while choosing wallpaper for yourself. Feel free to ask anything you’d like to know or comment down your thoughts on this post.

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