Best 5 Call Recording Apps for iPhone

AppleBest 5 Call Recording Apps for iPhone

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Call Recording is one of the most useful features any phone can have or any application can provide. Sometimes, we have that one important phone call where we would have to remember the detail or explanation in it. Or you might want to store some phone calls due to the private information they contain. The whole process of retrieving the call when needed, especially to remember important information makes life so much easier.

Call Recording for iPhone

List of Top iPhone Call recording Apps

If you are looking for the best iPhone call recording apps, we have curated a list for you:

1. TapeACall: Call Recorder

TapeACall Call Recorder

With 4.5+ ratings from reliable users, this advanced recording app is the best buy for your iPhone. It has numerous features besides call recording which gives you a unique experience.

  • This app lets you record your incoming and outgoing calls on your iPhone. It is the topmost used business app in various countries across the globe. There is no time limit on the recorded calls or the number of calls.
  • Transfer the recordings obtained to other devices
  • Upload recordings to either Google Drive, Evernote or Dropbox
  • Label recordings for easier identification later
  • Enable recording with just a single tap
  • Share and email recordings seamlessly in the MP3 format.

Download TapeAcall – Call Recorder

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2. Call Recorder & Voice Memo

Call Recorder & Voice Memo

With the latest transformation of the app being available in Chinese, it has added to the ratings and versatility if the app. It is the best buy on the market.

  • with the easy recording of calls, this app offers access to these conversations anywhere in the world. It enables your voice recordings to be synced over cloud storage, also operated on dark mode.
  • Enable recordings with just a few taps
  • The interface is intuitive and extremely easy to use
  • Share and Export the recordings to other apps and devices
  • No limit on the number of recordings
  • Option to rename the conversation for better identification and grouping

Download Call Recorder

3. Rev Call Recorder

Rev Call Recorder

This app comes with multiple in-built features like allowing sharing of the app with family members up to 6 member limit, which makes it pretty popular in America.

  • It is a professional call recording app that runs in the U.S. currently. With the provision of availability of transcript under 12 hours, this feature in the app makes it stand out amongst its competitors.
  • Unlimited and call recording free
  • High-quality recording and playback
  • Share the recording to different storage mediums seamlessly
  • No limit on the number of recordings the user can make and the length of each recording

Download Rev Call Recorder

4. Call Recorder Lite for iPhone

Call Recorder Lite for iPhone

This app also comes with various handy features which makes it useful on a global platform gives a pleasant experience to its users.

  • Looking for a simple call recording solution? Consider this lightweight app for the iPhone, which delivers the best service free of cost.
  • This app lets you record your incoming and outgoing calls while allowing you to download and share them via emails, iMessages, twitter facebook and dropbox.
  • It comes with a feature to adjust the playback speed.

Download Call Recorder Lite

5. Phone Call Recorder- Re: Call

Phone Call Recorder

This app lets you record all incoming outgoing international and national calls. It can be used over a private ID available for calls or use a different private phone number for recording the calls.

  • No limit on the recordings and the length of them
  • Share the recordings by emailing to self
  • Recordings available instantly after the call
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface

This app additionally lets you manage your recording list to timely update, delete or modify it. It is one of the best buys for an iPhone with its amazing features.

Download Phone Call Recorder

Ready to try iPhone Call Recorder?

So, these were the top iPhone call recording apps for you to use! But do keep in mind that a call recording can be used for wrong purposes as well. It is highly recommended to inform the person whose call you are recording beforehand. And also ensure to protect the recordings very safely so that they do not leak. We do not advise using call recordings for personal reasons unless required and within the boundary of ethics.

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