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Are you bored at home or work and looking for some good time to spare on a game in your PC, but you don’t want to download the game or register to Signup or Install Flash player to play the game? Here I’m listing the best Browser-based HTML5 games that can be played on any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or anything) for free.

Why Browser Games?

  • You don’t have to put any extra effort before starting a game
  • No Download needed to play the game
  • Just your web browser like Chrome or Firefox is enough to play the game
  • No Sign-ups or Flash plugin needed for most of the games
  • Some of these Browser games support multiplayer too.
  • Just a good internet connection and normal PC configuration are enough to play the browser games.
Browser games

Note: The reason why we are not listing flash games are, 1. It takes you extra effort to install the plugin 2. End of last year Google also announced they are going to stop Flash support.

Also, I consider our user’s time, so I’m listing the games which need no Signup to play the game. I tried more than 100 games for the past 1 week and listing you the best 20 you might like. Most of these games are HTML5 and PC supported. You have to use the Mobile Apps for some of the games to work on mobile. If you are looking for something else, you can check my post on 25 Website To Download Games for free, 53 best offline games for Android and iOS or Top VR Games.

Best Browser Games with No Signup and No Flash

I’m listing both Single player and Multiplayer games. You can pick the single player games from the list below if you want to play alone, or you can choose multiplayer games to play with your friends or challenge the computer bot.

S.NoGame# PlayersMobile Support
2Dark RoomSingleApp
4Flappy BirdSingleYes
5Google Easter Egg GamesSingleYes
6Smarty BubbleSingleYes
8Canvas RiderSingleNo
9Quick DrawSingleYes
12Chain ReactionSingleYes
13Angry birdsSingleYes
14Front InvadersSingleNo
16Feudal war Age of empire Style gameMultiplayerNo
18War BrokersMultiplayerNo
19Blobby Volley 2MultiplayerNo
20Online ChessMultiplayerYes

Top Single Player Browser Games

This game list contains only single player games. scroll down to see the multiplayer Browser games list.

1. Old MS-DOS games

Aladdin MS-DOS Browser game

Do you remember the good old Prince of Persia, Pac-Man, Aladdin games in your old PC? Yes, you can play them now in your browser without any extra effort. is a website that has a collection of more than 6000 old MS-DOS games like Batman, Ferrari, and many more games. With the filter option on the website, you can choose the type of game, year of the game, and pick and play directly from your browser in seconds.

MS-DOS browser games

2. A Dark Room (A Firelit Room)

Before describing the game, check the screen below this is how the game will be.

Dark room game - Browser game

Yes, just the texts on a white screen. When the game begins, you’ll be inside a freeing room and you have to throw some sticks into the Fire burner to keep the room warm, then you’ll be going out of your room to gather some wood, followed by setting traps and creating a village this game will be very interesting. This game only works on your PC, You have to download Android and iOS apps on your mobile to play the game and they are not free. Still, if you want to play this game on your mobile for free, there’s a trick. Just choose the Desktop view in your mobile browser to play the game.

3. Akinator

This is the good old game to kill the time, you have to think a person and start answering the series of questions, Akinator will understand and magically finds the person you think of. You can also play this game in your Mobile browser.

You can also play Akinator in your iOS and Android Mobile Apps.

4. Flappy Bird

Do you remember the Flappy bird game that got removed from the Google Play store long back? That is now in your browser, this game is both Mobile and PC supported. Hit enter button on PC and just tap on your mobile.

Flappy Bird

This is the best time killer game, and still very hard to pass the single digit score. This company Elizium also developed a game called DHTML Lemmings, where you’ll see a group of lemmings coming from a hole, your goal is to use the functions given at the bottom to make them do some set of operation to escape into another hole to pass the round.


5. Google Easter Egg Games

Yes, You can play games inside your Google search using any browser. Google Easter eggs and Google doodle are totally cool ways to play games on Google. You have to type in some keywords in the Google search bar to get the game option.

Google easter Egg

You’ll find games like Snake, Solitaire, Pac-Man, Minesweeper, Tic Tac Toe and Many more. You can play this game in both PC and Mobile browser.

6. Smarty Bubbles

Here is the best and smooth HTML5 browser game for you, this is a bubble shooter, you will be having color balls in cannon, you have to shoot and match the colors to burst them. You have to prevent the balls from coming down.

Smarty Bubble

Get more score, challenge your friends. This game also works very well on your mobile phone.

7. 3Bored

This is another simple UI browser game with NO Flash, This game BoredBoredBored is suitable for everyone. You are a tiny square space ship, your mission is to escape from the Tanks and Fighter jets without getting hit by any bullet and crashing them.


Controls are very simple, You have to use your arrow keys to fly the ship, hold on the Space bar to boost (red bar at the top) when you get some boost to go down to the ground, and hit the tank or fighter jet to kill them. I tried this game for some 3 times and got the below results.


You can’t play this game in your mobile browser.

8. Canvas Rider

Canvas Rider

This is one interesting browser game you can play. Canvas rider is a bike ride game on a canvas, there are more than 1000s of tracks you can choose from and play on. very simple UI and easy controls to play the game.

Canvas Rider tracks

Canvas rider is now taken over by Freeriederhd. You can’t play this game in mobile browser, you can try Mobile apps from the website instead.

9. Quick, Draw!

Google developed an A.I. to understand your drawings, You can teach the A.I. by drawing the object it suggests you. The game starts by asking you to draw 6 objects in 20 seconds each, by the time the A.I will let you know what it finds.

Quick Draw

I draw 6 objects and I passed by drawing 4 out of 6 objects correct. You can see the result below.

Quick Draw results

10. The T-Rex Game (Online)

Yes, the same Dino game you play in your browser when you don’t have an internet connection, there are ways to play the game online.

Play T-rex game online

For people who don’t know about this game, You are the T-Rex and you will be running long you have to jump and hop on the trees running after some time you’ll see flying Dinosaurs. Run for a long time to get scores.

11. Flow Free Colors

Flow free is a color dot connector game, you just have to touch and connect the right dots. rules are simple, you have to connect all the dots with lesser moves and fill the board. You cannot cross over the lines.


This is one interesting Browser game to play when you are bored, You have many different levels to play and different board sizes to keep you engaged and test your skill. This game also supports mobile browsers, there are app versions too. If you want to play this game on Mobile try Android or iOS App.

12. Chain Reaction – Advanced

As the name says you have to create a chain reaction to cause an explosion and clear the game, this game is total add free and supports in your mobile browser too. This game has more than 1Million fans.

Chain reaction

13. Angry Birds

Who could forget this game? But there are no official angry bird game you can play in your browser, this No Flash version of Angry is in HTML5 and this is from Plonga.

Angry Birds

You know the rules of this game, pull the bird and hit the pig. The UI of this game is not so great, if you are okay with using Flash, you can try the Crazygame version of Angry Birds. But Angrybird is always best on mobile.

14. Front Invader

Are you a web developer? this game is for you. Front Invaders is the galaxy shooter game for developers, where your space ship is replaced with an HTML5 logo and all the aliens are Internet explorer logo. How cool is that?

Front Invaders

You just have to shoot them all to get the score. This game doesn’t support mobile browser version.

15. JS Lander

This is another interesting space game, you will be flying a lander and your goal is to safely land the planner on the planet surface. you can use the Thrusters to move the lander up, down, left and right.


You have to slow down at the end and smoothly place the lander to get the score, else, you are going to crash a 100 bazillion dollar lander.

Bonus. Street Skater

Street Skater is a 2D Arcade skating game, with little controls you have to reach the destination by doing Ollie, Kickflip, and Manual. You have to collect the coins to score.

Street skater

Space bar and Shift key are the two control options, you can also use the touch option. You just skate till the end or die bursting.

Top Multiplayer Browser Games

Below are the top 5 Multiplayer Browser games, you can play with your friend or an AI using your PC or Mobile browser.

16. Feudal Wars

Do you remember the old Age of Empires game? Yes, you can play that now on a PC browser along with your friends for free. This is really a very good medieval military strategy game inside a browser. Starting from a single player against the computer to 4 players can play this game.

Feudalwars screen

You can play Public game to find people online and play or choose private to play with your friends or computer. You don’t have food and Wood here, only resource here is Gold. You have to set up mines to generate Gold and using that you can build house, baracks, Archery, Stable, Towers and more. Also you can create soldiers using the gold you have.


After when you have good army to fight, select them all and send to your enemy land to start a war and capture the land to win the game.

17. Wiki Game

This is one of the best game you can play with your friend in any browser, The website will show you start and ending words. You have to start with the word in the Wikipedia page using the links inside the page you have to quickly reach the final word.

Wiki Game - gameplay

This website will show you current round words to everyone, you’ll get 120 sec to finish the round and you’ll find the winner on the right side. You can sign-up for free to save your wins.

18. War Brokers

You want to play PUBG or Fortnite on PC for free and without downloading the game? War Brokers is for you. just go the website and start the game.


You can choose between Battle Royale and Classic version of the game. Invite your friends or go solo in, pick up guns, grenades, vests and more and kill all other players and survive till the end to win this game. You need no account or download anything to play this game.

19. Blobby Volley 2

Blobby Volley 2 is a multiplayer Volley Ball game you can play with your friends in a single browser. You can also play with the CPU.

Blobby Volley 2

20. Online Chess (LiChess)

LiChess is an Online game which needs no signup and no downloads needed, you can quickly start the game in any browser with your friend or A.I. This Chess game U.I. is really great for a browser game. This website also teaches you how to play Chess and has a community for players.


You can Signup to save the score for future reference. You can also see the championship matches going on and You can pick the players waiting online for opponents to play a real good Chess game.

Bonus: Microsoft edge Browser game

The new Microsoft Edge browser now has a hidden secret game called the Surf game. This can be played offline just by using the arrow keys and Space bar. You can start surfing by choosing an Avatar and surf across the river without touching any of the corals, Woods, Rocks, and most importantly other surfers. You can also Hit boost if you have the power boosters (thunder symbol). You’ll be chased by an Octopus if you go near their tentacles. Get a High score and challenge your friends.

Surf Game on edge browser

What is the Best Browser Game?

I’ve listed the top 20 games here, these games need no sign-up, No flash player, or download the game to play. Most of the games here are HTML5 games. Try playing the game and It’s up to you to pick the best among these. Also, please let me know the best game you come across in the comment section below.

These websites give you free games and show ads to generate revenue, so don’t get annoyed with the ads, be patient for a second when you get unwanted ads, and then start playing the game.

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