How to Block Ads in a Website

InternetHow to Block Ads in a Website

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How to stop Showing Ads in any Browser

Ads are not that bad, but when there are more Ads that is Bad. Ads should not affect the user interface, Ads like Pop-up ads and video Ads makes user frustrated. Ads should help the user with their needs. So, How to block bad ads in any Browser? 

  1. Open your Browser
  2. Go to Extensions and search for “Adblock”
  3. Install AdBlock
  4. Go to the page which had ads before, you can’t see ads this time

Block Ads in Google Chrome Browser

Adding “AdBlock Extension” to your Google Chrome browser will block all the ads on the website,

Go to Chrome Webstore and Search for AdBlock or Just Google “AdBlock extension for Chrome”, you’ll land on the below-shown page.

Click on Add to Chrome Button, you’ll get the Pop-up as shown below, AdBlock can Read and change all your data in the website you visit (To hide ads), and display notifications. Click Add extension.

Now you could see the AdBlock Icon near URL, Go to the page which had shown ads before, now you can’t find any ads there, as the AdBlock extension works fine by hiding those ads from the page you are visiting,

Left-click the Icon to get various options.

  1. Total number of Ads
  2. Pause AdBlock
  3. Block an Ad in this page
  4. Don’t run on this page
  5. Don’t run on pages on this Domain

Block Ads in Google Firefox Browser

  1. Go to Add-ons and Search for “AdBlock” or Google “AdBlock for Firefox”, Click on the AdBlock Plus Add-on and Install.
  2. Now you could see the AdBlock add-on in firefox,
  3. Click on the Add-on and work with the options to hide ads on what pages and what domain.

I Hope, now you can’t see ads in your Firefox browser.

Give your feedback in comments.

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