Best Websites to Check Weather Forecast online for Free

InternetBest Websites to Check Weather Forecast online for Free

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Wondering how to check the local weather and brace for major shifts, fear not, this post will teach you 5 quick ways through which you can check how the weather is in your local area.

Just say “OK Google” or call your Siri to check the weather, that’s not satisfying? Google “What’s the weather today”. for more options continue reading.

Websites and Apps to check Weather Online for Free

We introduce other 4 ways, all easy and based on free services on the internet to check the local weather. Now since some of the recommended ways include accessing websites of specific meteorological agencies, we suggest you have their respective apps installed in your smartphones for easy access. Also, enable the “GPS access” for any weather app you install in your phone. If you possess an Android smartphone there is a tutorial at the end which will guide you to have weather notifications delivered to you regularly automatically.

  1. AccuWeather

    AccuWeather is an American company that provides commercial weather forecasting services worldwide. Their commercial API is used by a lot of major OEMs in their devices and chances are if you use a Sony or an HTC device, the native weather app works using their API, meaning the weather that your phone shows are courtesy of AccuWeather Inc.

    Go to

    The service maps many major cities and their weather forecast, as well as prediction services, are pretty much standard as per prevailing industry norms. Their smartphone app works well and has a simple UI. Fans of google’s material design philosophy will appreciate it. The app also features a home screen widget which you can choose to place on one of your home screens and will greet you with the weather every time you look at it.

    Install Accuweather iOS App

    Install Accuweather Android App

  2. Weather, courtesy, The Weather Channel

    The Weather Channel is an American company that specializes in content related to weather and meteorology. Most android phones use their services to get you the weather information you need along with the predictions. It’s fairly accurate, the android app is resourceful and beautiful to look at, and this is the service Google mostly always quotes. If you see a weather update from Google, it’s most probably courtesy of

    Go to

  3. Yahoo News and Weather

    This yahoo subsidiary has a very good desktop interface and so does its Android app counterpart. They offer reliable predictions and weather info and top these up with nitpicking details like local news, sunrise-sunset times etc.

    Go to Yahoo weather

  4. Skymet Weather

    If you use a windows device, the default app gets its information courtesy of Skymet. Their website promotes simplicity and throws the info you need straight at you. There are videos which detail the weather briefly in English and these can be accessed from the android app as well. The app features an iOSish design and the way the weather reports are shown aren’t exactly in the most convenient fashion.  Use this one if you are very dependent on Microsoft’s services and you need consistency, though we doubt it highly. Then again, Microsoft lets you change the service provider for your weather reports.

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