10 Best SKYRIM Mods in 2021

Games10 Best SKYRIM Mods in 2021

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Skyrim came out about nine years ago, and it has established itself as one of the greatest games of all time. You’re either the hero of the story or a third-person in the narrative. Your job is to travel through the expanses of the wilderness, dungeons, cuties, fortresses and cursed lands, and complete the quest you were born for. 

Skyrim Mods

People who’ve played Skyrim know that it’s a thrilling game. The only problem is, you may play it too many times and then get bored. After the third time, you would have memorized the map, and achieved every title you possibly can in Skyrim. 

Here are the best Skyrim mods

Skyrim mods will let you modify the game to no ends. Steam Workshop has a little over 28,000 Skyrim mods. You can fly, glide, float, have different companions, make your dragons funnier, revamp the entire quest, and a lot more. Picking the right Skyrim mod is an issue you’re bound to face if you haven’t done this before. Let’s help you out with that.

1. Skyrim Graphics mods

  1. Static Mesh Improvement Skyrim might have immersive gameplay, but the graphics come a little short sometimes. Static Mesh Improvement is truly one of the best Skyrim mods because it enhances the graphics in many tiny ways. From making marble smooth, the bowl around, and the sword sharp, it’s a must-have Skyrim mod. 
  2. Realistic Lighting– Believe it or not, but Skyrim isn’t very well-lit. A lot of features in Skyrim don’t seem natural and are a hindrance to its immersive gameplay. Realistic Lighting will naturally add light. Your paths will be lit, and your rooms will have sunshine flowing in- all-natural.
  3. Better waters– The water in Skyrim looks beautiful from afar. However, if you happen to pass by it or swim in it, you’ll realize it’s murky. There’s not much to see, and it doesn’t look glistening anymore. Adding water effects is tough, but with the better waters Skyrim mod, you can have realistic sound and light effects of water, along with realistic texture.

2. Better characters in Skyrim

  1. Immersive Creatures If you want a challenge, this should be right up your alley. Immersive Creatures adds danger to the game by bringing in ghoulish, nightmarish creatures, ready to be battled. The plan is simple: Kill or be killed.
  2. Interesting NPCs– The one thing that irks every Skyrim die-hard fan are the characters and how vanilla they are. Unless there’s a quest involved, the characters don’t have many purposes. Interesting NPCs add a whole new set of dialogues to the game, all voice-acted. It truly gives better quality. 

3. Skyrim gameplay mods

  1. Realistic Needs and diseases– It appears that Skyrim has an abundance of survival mods. They’re all challenging and exciting. If you feel like trying your hand at one of these survival mods, Realistic needs and diseases are a safe bet. It’s not too advanced, and as the title says, it’s realistic. Your character has to eat, drink, and sleep regularly. Otherwise, they’re bound to catch an ugly disease or just be too ill to fight.
  2. Alternate Start– Tired of being the Dragonborn with insurmountable privileges? Do you wish to start an alternative life as somebody else, and make survival a day-to-day challenge? Then, this is the best Skyrim mod for you. Use it to start as a nobody and earn glory without any of the privileges of a Dragonborn. That’s when you know you’ve truly made it.
  3. Cutting Room Floor– Ever thought about the quests, NPCs, or items that never made it to the released version of the game? If you are curious just like me, you should check this mod out. It’s perfect for die-hard fans who have a thirst for trivia.

4. Skyrim mods for Magic and Weapons 

  1. Immersive weapons– Instead of using the same old weapons, use this mod to have 250 new weapons added to your list. Of course, you can tweak these to your liking. Immersive Weapons is the real deal because it makes combat even more fun. If you’re a gamer that loves battling, this is an unmissable Skyrim mod for you.
  2. Phenderix Magic Evolved– 400 new magic spells will make you more formidable. Imagine the repertoire you’ll have with magic like that. There are blood magic and druidic spells too. You’ll also find a lot of new stuff you haven’t seen or witnessed before. All of this, with just one Skyrim mod. Squash your enemies like a bug with the expanse of your magical abilities.

The best Skyrim mods are the ones that make the game more enticing. You’ve to decide what kind of improvements you want, or what it is you’re seeking from the game. Once you figure that out, we assure you, there’s a Skyrim mod for that. Take the help of the Skyrim mods mentioned above and start exploring! 

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