Best 15 People Search Engine Websites 2019

People are probably one of the most interesting kinds on the planet. Everyone would love to know more about them no matter whether they have met or not. Be it a famous personality, or your old classmate or family members, everyone would want to search and more about them. If you too are seeking the same, we have listed down top people search platforms that can assist you in your pursuit. Here we go!

1. Pipl

Pipl is one of the most popular search engines to look out for individuals using their phone nos, email address or social user name.

• Website –
• Global Alexa Ranking – 20,277
• Daily Unique Visitors – 16,515
• Daily Unique Page Views – 49,545

2. Facebook

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform and has over 1.7 billion people on it. That means to say it features 2 out of every 10 individuals on the planet, thus making it a must seek a platform to search people, especially friends and family members.

• Website –
• Global Alexa Ranking – 3
• Daily Unique Visitors – 85,749,272
• Daily Unique Page Views – 342,677,787

3. Google

Google, as we all know is the world’s largest search engine and allow internet users to search for almost anything and everything they seek. People search too is possible as most of them are on the internet these days.

• Website –
• Global Alexa Ranking – 1
• Daily Unique Visitors – 106,524,236
• Daily Unique Page Views – 1,004,633,359

4. PeekYou

PeekYou is a FREE people search platform based out of the US. Search on PeekYou is possible either using one’s Name, Username or Phone No.

• Website –
• Global Alexa Ranking – 14,355
• Daily Unique Visitors – 42,493
• Daily Unique Page Views – 73,300

5. People Finders

PeopleFinders maintains a record of over 250 million individuals. These records include one’s address histories, phone nos, criminal records, public records, education and more. This platform is ideal for those who need background checks to be done on a person. This is a paid platform.

• Website –
• Global Alexa Ranking – 4,463
• Daily Unique Visitors – 74,453
• Daily Unique Page Views – 232,784

6. Family Tree Now

For individuals who seek to know who they are and their history, Family Tree Now is a must try the website. Based on one’s genealogy research, a person can build his family tree, while adding to it the discovered folks. It is a FREE platform.

• Website –
• Global Alexa Ranking – 17,321
• Daily Unique Visitors – 7,480
• Daily Unique Page Views – 71,657

7. Google Groups

Google Groups is a community platform from Google that allows a user to search for people in related groups. Using one’s interest or email address, searching for individuals within these groups is very much possible.

• Website –
• Global Alexa Ranking – 1
• Daily Unique Visitors – 106,524,236
• Daily Unique Page Views – 1,004,633,359

8. Tin Eye

Tin Eye is a reverse image search engine that traverses through the internet to find information about the image. It is popular among its users in searching people on the internet.

• Website –
• Global Alexa Ranking – 4,542
• Daily Unique Visitors – 84,204
• Daily Unique Page Views – 226,235

9. US Search

US Search is a paid record search engine using which one can search for people, run background checks on them, find their public & criminal records, search for their phone numbers.

• Website –
• Global Alexa Ranking – 17,341
• Daily Unique Visitors – 18,568
• Daily Unique Page Views – 57,518

10. Zeba Search

Zeba Search is a US specific, look up based people search directory that allows users to find people using name, address etc. It also features, advanced searches, reverse phone lookup, FREE searches and more.

• Website –
• Global Alexa Ranking – 21,303
• Daily Unique Visitors – 12,849
• Daily Unique Page Views – 46,687

11. Intelius

Intelius is very powerful people & property background check directory that features over a billion records. It allows searches based on reverse phone no lookup, names, address, city etc.

• Website –
• Global Alexa Ranking – 6,460
• Daily Unique Visitors – 51,839
• Daily Unique Page Views – 155,516

12. is a US federal property that records and stores information about its entire citizen. I allows paid and legal people searches for authorized users only.

• Website –
• Global Alexa Ranking – 6,862
• Daily Unique Visitors – 106,672
• Daily Unique Page Views – 153,421

13. Spokeo

Spokeo is a people search platform and features free white pages. A user can find people by using their Full name, email ID, residence address, and phone for absolutely no cost.

• Website –
• Global Alexa Ranking – 5,064
• Daily Unique Visitors – 74,132
• Daily Unique Page Views – 205,285

14. Any Who

Any who is a FREE people and business search platform that allows users to search US-based individuals.

• Website –
• Global Alexa Ranking – 37,569
• Daily Unique Visitors – 8,994
• Daily Unique Page Views – 26,983

15. FindPeopleSearch

FindPeopleSearch is a US-specific FREE people search engine that allows individuals to find people using their Full Names, Age, State of residence, Email ID, City, Zip Code, DOB, Phone no and more. The platform even allows searches based on one’s SSN/Social Security No.

• Website –
• Global Alexa Ranking – 205,609
• Daily Unique Visitors – 555
• Daily Unique Page Views – 4,958

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