Best Hacking Apps for Android Phones of 2022

AndroidBest Hacking Apps for Android Phones of 2022

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In this post, I spoke about the best Apps to Hack anything in 2022, With the increasing use of smartphones and gadgets, new technologies are emerging, with these technologies and software new threats and risks are increasing too. Hence, android came up with hacking apps for professionals and ethical hackers, for people who work for IT solutions, security administration, network monitoring, and Wi-Fi hacking. Also, hacking apps are dangerous as well, as it increases risks. using these apps you can Hack Facebook, Hack Snapchat and even you can hack Instagram passwords.

List of Best Hacking Apps 2022

Take backups, or save important data in some other file, or to avoid such risks try using it in a separate device. Here is the list of applications which you may use for learning or ethical use, but do not encourage wrong practices.

  1. Termux

    Termux helps you learning Linux commands and helps you install apps in any Android phone and this ranks first in our hacking apps list. You can read more about termux at and you can download this app from Google Play Store (below).

    Developer: Fredrik Fornwall
    Price: Free
  2. AndroRAT

    androRAT i.e. Android Remote Administrative Tool is one of the topmost apps used to hack and keep control through your mobile phone. It was launched as a client application or server application. You can even control our android system from far away. With AndroRAT you can get any data and information which you need, be it call logs, messages, contacts or shared media. You can even call or send a message or take pictures from somewhere else. You just need to call or send SMS to start the service.

    Go to AndroRAT

  3. zANTI 

    There are different hacking applications, zANTI is one of them. It is a penetration testing application. This application has different tools and features like reporting tool, scanning tool, diagnostic features etc. technicians mostly use them to check the security, to see if there is an issue, to attack some network in order to check loophole in your network.

    Go to zANTI

  4. FaceNiff

    FaceNIFF is another app which made to the list of top hacking application. Bartosz Ponurkiewicz developed this application to intercept and sniff your Wi-Fi network. It is widely used to take a sneak and peak into someone’s social media account, i.e. facebook, twitter, Instagram, or any browsing details. It allows you to hack the target Wi-Fi and provide unauthorized access to the Android devices connects to it by stealing cookies from the network.

    Go to FaceNiff

  5. Droidsheep

    another top hacking application is Droidsheep, it is similar to FaceNIFF. It allows the person to hack or hijack the Wi-Fi network and web session profiles using that network. It is used by the security analyst to check loopholes, to peak into different accounts, emails, Social Medias etc. but for ethical purposes. There is another version of this application ‘Droidsheep Guard’ which helps you track the attackers and block their access. Hence when other attackers either FaceNIFF or Droidsheep or any other application for that matter tries to penetrate your network, they fail.

    Go to DroidSheep

  6. Droidbox

    This application is used by many people for analysis of Android and its app package behavior. It allows the hacker to access the device and gather required data from it, check Application packages, can make phone calls, send messages, check network traffic, etc. and its main feature of collecting hashes for APK package and analyze makes it stand out.

    Go to Droidbox

So, what is the best Hacking app for Android phones here?

All the above-mentioned apps are the best of its kind and used based on their functionality, you can pick one based on your need and the way you want to hack an Android phone, but use this only in legal ways.

These are the Top Hacking Apps for Android Phones. Kindly check and let us know in comments, how these apps work with Android phones.

Disclaimer: these mentioned apps are for illustrative purpose only, don’t misuse these hacking applications.


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