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List of Torrent Download sites

This post contains the top 10 free Torrent sites. The popularity of torrent sites is increasing manifold each day. The history of Internet has seen many torrent sites come and go while some have stood the test of time and not only persist till date but are also among the top 10 torrent sites of the present and the future. I’ve also written about Ten Best Websites To Play Games Online 2018.

But the present year 2017 has seen a dramatic decrease in the availability of good torrent sites. The problem is not that they are losing popularity, but the problem is that the government is trying very hard to shut these kinds of torrent sites. The administrators, webmasters, and founders of popular torrent sites are being sued by the law. It comes as a surprise that even after all this, there are enough torrent sites to feed fat any torrent fan. Source: US Government Attacks on Torrent Sites

In this article, we will look closely at what torrents are, how torrent sites work, and what is going on in the torrent world right now. This article also presents a list of top 10 torrent sites. Utmost care has been taken to make sure that the sites presented here are safe, efficient, and useful.

What is a Torrent?

A torrent is a method of peer-to-peer file sharing. You directly contact another peer for a file and the other peer transfers it to you without any third party being involved. It gained popularity in 2006 when it became the most powerful and comfortable way of file sharing over the internet.

Torrent itself is not related to copyright infringement and pirate software, but because it is a way of file sharing without the interference of any third party, it soon became popular for sharing pirated content and other files protected under copyright laws. This became so popular and huge that end users often relate torrents with pirate sites.

Advantages of using Torrent?

The advantages of torrents are numerous. Here, I have listed some of the most important ones, from the perspective of the end user, along with some descriptions:

  • It is very fast. Unlike traditional file sharing methods where the file is stored in a single server, torrents employ downloading files from hundreds of sources at the same time. The fastest connection is picked and it is used for downloading a small part of the file and then again a new connection is picked to keep thing fresh and fast. Compared to traditional methods of file sharing, torrents can be as fast as 10 times.
  • Ensures file integrity. All of us have faced this problem. You download a large file only to find that it was corrupted during the downloading process. Torrents use efficient hash matching to ensure that every bit received is correct and untempered. If you have the hash of a file, you can also ensure that you receive only that file and nothing else.
  • It is very safe! Safety is the biggest concern among users. Viruses, Trojans, key loggers, etc., are much worse than nightmares. Since multiple users have to host the file for efficient torrent sharing, any change in the file can be detected easily. This makes torrents very preferable to traditional file sharing.

How to Use Torrents?

For using torrents, you need to have a torrent client. One good torrent client is Deluge. Torrents are distributed using magnet links. Magnet links are small files which contain details on how to get the desired files. All you have to do is to download the magnet file from your favorite torrent site and double click on it. Deluge will do the rest of the work. It is this easy!


Top 10 Torrent Sites

Here is a list of hand-picked torrent sites along with a description of what they have to offer (Note: These rankings are based on Alexa):

  1. TorrentDownloads

    Torrent Downloads

TorrentDownloads is a large database of files along with their magnet links. The database is very extensive and the numbers of available files are increasing at a very sharp rate. Each file available has been checked and the site is famous for being troll free.

You can visit TorrentDownloads at this URL: Alexa rates it to be the 2,969th most visited site.


In the torrent world the YTS group, also known as the YIFY group, was one of the most well-known and the most popular torrent sites. Unfortunately, it was shut down lately. To take its place, someone created the torrent site. It is in no way related to the original YTS group but tries its best to take its place.

The site is available at and its Alexa ranking is 740.

YTS torrent download

  1. TorrentHound

You will be amazed to know the number of visitors this site gets. It gets, on an average basis, 2 visitors per second! It has over 8.5 million torrent files with over 4 hundred million peers hosting the files. Due to its huge size and popularity, it has been banned by Internet Service Providers and you cannot access it in many countries. Still you can use the Tor browser to access it anonymously.

It is available at while its Alexa rating is 2,239. Less because it is banned in many countries and by many ISPs.

  1. EZTV

EZTV is a torrent site which exclusively offers TV contents, such as TV show series’s and documentaries. Obviously, its traffic depends on the popularity of the TV series it hosts and keeps fluctuating. With respect to its ranking in 2013, EZTV has climbed up on a step.

EZTV was shut down and has no permanent URL at this time. Its Alexa ranking of last year was 1,373.

  1. 1337X

1337X is a community driven torrent site. The users of the site can post torrent files and download torrent files posted by other users. Most of its traffic comes from the UK.Its can be found at Alexa rates it to be the 1,249th most popular site.

  1. RARBG

RARBG, aka RGB, was founded in 2008. It houses many torrent files and magnet links and has been blocked by all UK ISPs. is its adobe and it ranks 1,101 according to Alexa.

  1. Torrentz

A very well known torrent search engine, Torrentz, actually doesn’t store anything on its servers but rather indexes torrent files from other torrent sites and lists them on its sites.


It lives at on the Web and 351 on Alexa.

  1. ExtraTorrent

In 2013, it was ranked the top torrent site but soon was banned from many countries and by many ISPs. As a result, it came down to the third position.You can find it here, It ranks 342 on Alexa.

  1. The Pirate Bay

It has tasted being number one for several consecutive years but has come down recently. Alexa doesn’t provide ranking for this site at present. Its URL is,

The Pirates Bay

  1. KickassTorrents

Yes. KickassTorrents, also known as KAT, is the most popular torrent site ever! It has been attacked multiple times. Its founder is behind the bars. But the fans have kept KAT not only alive but at the top of our list.

Its Alexa ranking is 85. At present, there are many websites claiming to be KAT, but none of them are confirmed.

Kickass torrents - KAT


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