7 Facebook Marketing Tips To Follow In 2022

Internet7 Facebook Marketing Tips To Follow In 2022

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Facebook, the leader of social networking sites, is unarguably the most powerful platform for marketing. With billions of active users, 2.85 users, to be precise, marketers can leverage this opportunity to reach out to a mass audience and make them aware of the business and its products.

But, marketing and getting yourself noticed has become challenging on this platform. Facebook has updated its algorithm of displaying content to users. It emphasizes how users interact with other users rather than business accounts and pages.

Did you know that around 55 million status updates and 350 million photos are posted on Facebook every day? It means the audience’s newsfeed is pretty chaotic, and users will see more posts from their friends and family instead of the posts by the business accounts they have liked.

Besides, there are more than 60 million active business pages on this platform. To put it simply, marketers have their work cut out for them!

What strategies worked previously for Facebook marketing might not reap the same benefits. But hey, there are still numerous ways to capture your prospective audiences’ attention and keep them hooked to your content.

By adopting a fresh Facebook marketing strategy, you can ace your marketing objectives in the year 2022.

In today’s post, we will share 7 Facebook marketing tips that are incredibly effective and help brands to realize their marketing goals.

Let’s take a look at them!

Seven Essential Facebook Marketing Tips To Follow In 2022

1. Plan Your Content Mix

The most crucial marketing tip to follow in 2022 is to understand your audience and craft your content according to their liking.

Facebook Marketing tips - Content is king

Content is King.

Facebook marketing is nothing if you do not have good content to share with your audience. Nobody likes to follow a business page or an account that has nothing interesting to post. Hence, to stay in the game, ensure to have the best content your audience loves and interacts with.

Refrain from making overly promotional content. People log on to their social profiles to entertain themselves and view what their friends and family members are up to. If your content provides no information or entertainment to the person. He will have no reason to continue following you.

Therefore, follow the 80/20 rule to post content. Your 80% of posts should be created to inform, entertain, or educate your audience. The remaining 20% of the posts should be promotional.

Creating posts to only brag about your products will bore your audience. Thus, post content that is valuable or entertaining for the audience.

Now, let’s move on to the different types of posts you can create on Facebook.

a. Text Posts

Text posts are just written posts.

That’s it! No images, no videos, or links.

Text posts are generally short and to the point. If the marketer wants to generate traffic on its website, increase conversions, or encourage sign-ups, these posts will not help. Plain text on the colourful and attractive feed cannot fight much for the user’s attention. Hence, most of the time, they go unnoticed by the audience.

Text posts are a great option if you want to start a conversation with your audience, take their opinion on something, or simply ask for feedback.

b. Photo Post

Photo posts are the most common Facebook post that receives higher engagement than simple and plain text posts.

An attractive picture, illustration, or even infographic is sure to capture the user’s attention while they’re scrolling their feed. High-resolution product pictures are essential for a product-based business. The audience can be displayed the products and be enticed to visit the website to explore more products.

c. Video Post

Video posts are more powerful for increasing engagement rates than photo posts. Interesting and informative videos are highly compelling to hold your users’ attention, promote your products, make announcements, or share informative content.

And the best part? Videos play automatically on Facebook while the person is scrolling his newsfeed. Thus, there is a high chance of catching your user’s attention. Ensure to create a video with an exciting start to make the user watch the complete video.

d. Live Video Posts

If you do not have enough resources or time to create interesting and graphical videos, try live video posts.

Live videos are getting increasingly popular. In the spring of 2020, Facebook live video viewership increased by 50%.

Live video posts provide an excellent opportunity to humanize your brand and connect with your audience on an intimate level. Companies can create a live Q&A session and provide comprehensive answers to their follower’s questions, conduct an interview of a celebrity or other prominent industry figures, display product launches, etc.

e. Linked Content

A link post is the one that has an attached link. The followers can click the link to visit the website. A marketer can attach the link in the composition box, and the preview of the website will automatically appear on the post. Pretty impressive, right?

Companies can also share the link to another website for their audience to view. For instance, they can paste the link of a blog post or video that they find informative and interesting.

f. Facebook Stories

Facebook stories are no different from Instagram stories. Photos, short videos, or even text posts can be uploaded on stories in vertical format. The posts on accounts are displayed for only 24 hours, after which they disappear.

Facebook stories are located on the top of the screens above the newsfeed. People can easily view the accounts that have uploaded the stories. With a single tap on the profile pictures, people can view the stories they have uploaded. Probably, that’s the reason more than 500 million users view Facebook stories.

Mix and match different types of posts to engage with your audience and achieve your marketing goals.

2. Optimize Your Page For Engagement

Can a brand pull off its Facebook marketing strategy when it has no followers to market itself?

Facebook Marketing tips - Optimization

Of course not! For Facebook’s marketing success, a business needs to have followers view its content, engage with it, and share it on their profiles.

Hence, the two most essential ingredients for the successful Facebook marketing recipe are:

  • Increase your followers
  • Encourage them to engage with your content

Therefore, make sure your page looks worthy of following. Use an interesting cover image. It is the first thing that the user notices when he visits a profile or page. In addition, your profile image should be of your trademark or logo. It helps people to remember you.

One of the easiest ways to help prospects find your business page on Facebook is by cross-promoting it. By promoting your Facebook page to people interacting with you on other platforms, you can increase your followers. For example, if a person has signed up for your newsletter, you can attach the link to your Facebook page in the emails, or your blog posts, etc.

To increase the engagement on your posts, i.e., to gather more likes, comments, and following, you’ve to roll up your sleeves and get in action.

As mentioned earlier, you have to create interesting content to get your audience to notice and view your posts. But that’s not enough. You have to go a few extra miles to pump up your engagements. Stay active on your profile and respond to your audience’s responses. Like and reply to their comments, answer their queries, thank them for showing interest in your products, etc.

Fueling up engagement on your Facebook page is a two-way thing. Make sure you are playing your cards right to get more likes and comments on your posts.

3. Create More Videos

Facebook Marketing tips - Create Video

Online users prefer graphical content over textual one. Videos are an excellent option to make interesting and informative content for your audience without boring them with long blocks of text.

Seventy-five million US citizens view online videos daily. In addition, mentioning the word video in the email’s subject line improved its CTR (click-through rate) by 13%.

Thus, marketers prioritize the creation and publication of video content for promoting their brands. Creating and uploading a video on Facebook is a surefire way to attract an audience and keep them hooked to your content.

To derive maximum results from video marketing, marketers must keep their videos short yet enjoyable.

Videos on Facebook are auto-played on the newsfeed. Hence, if the video has an exciting start, it is a perfect trap to grab your audience’s attention. Videos under 20 seconds have a greater chance to be completed by the user. A person can spare a few seconds or a minute or two to watch the interesting video while aimlessly scrolling his feed. However, if the video is long, a person will scroll past it. He won’t be kind enough to spare his time to watch lengthy videos uploaded by the brands.

Place the most exciting piece of information in the beginning. Keep the audience excited from the start. According to studies, the ideal length of the video should be under 2 minutes as it drives the most engagement. Besides, don’t forget to add captions. According to research conducted by Facebook, including subtitles boosted view times by 12%.

4. Include Facebook Messenger

Facebook Marketing tips - Include Messenger

Do you know how many messages are exchanged by Facebook users with businesses each month? Twenty Billion

Yes, dear readers, 20 billion messages are sent by users to businesses. If the prospects have any questions or concerns about a product or a service, they can simply send a message via messenger. Within a few moments, customers and businesses can connect without opting for the formal channel of email.

Thus, if you have not set Facebook Messenger for your business profile, you are not opening the doors to welcome the questions and concerns of your prospects and customers. To make it more effective, use Chatbot technology to reply to the person’s questions and queries instantly. We would strongly recommend you to use this powerful feature to communicate with your prospects.

A business can easily program the FAQs and general information about its products, timings, price range, etc., to respond to the customer.

5. Incorporate Facebooks Ads And Pixel 

Facebook Marketing tips - Facebook Ads

Facebook was initially designed to help people connect with other people. Its primary objective was not to connect brands to the audience. Therefore, the posts on the user’s news feed are prioritized—Facebook endeavours to display the posts from family and friends.

It means brands have to face a tough time for their posts to reach the right audience. But, no need to worry!

Facebook has provided a solution to this problem as well. A business’s content can reach a massive targeted audience with the help of Facebook ads.

Facebook can display your ad to the audience defined by you. It means that the money you spend on ad campaigns will not go in vain and attract the right audience to your page.

Another remarkable feature offered by Facebook is a Facebook pixel. It is a piece of code that is attached to the business website for the following reasons:

  • To track conversions from a Facebook business page.
  • Run retargeting campaigns for users who visited the website.
  • Build a custom audience for running future ads.

When a pixel is placed on the website, it starts to collect data. This data is precious for the marketers when they want to run the retargeting campaigns to entice the prospects to revisit the website.

6. Post On Right Timings

Facebook Marketing tips - Right Time

You can have fantastic content and a large audience, but your engagement rate will remain seated on the ground if you don’t post your content at the right time.

Therefore, just like any other marketing campaign, timings are crucial in Facebook marketing too. Ensure to post when your audience is available to view and engage with your posts.

Collect the information from Page Insights data about the timings when the followers are most active, the posts that reached and performed better, posts that received highest or lowest engagement, etc.

Use this information to post on the days and times when your users are online and can interact with you under the post. 

7. Share User-Generated Content

Facebook Marketing tips - User generated content

A business has to run many other errands than just creating amazing content for its audience. On the days when your hands are full of other business responsibilities, let your followers help you.

You can use the content created by your followers and post it on your profile. For instance, if your customer has posted his picture on Facebook, wearing the jewellery bought from your store, you can repost the picture on your profile with the customer’s prior permission.

Posting user-generated content is also great for building social proof and generating sales. It helps prospects to trust your business and buy your products.

Wrapping Up the Facebook Marketing Tips

There you have it! Seven essential Facebook Marketing tips to follow in 2022.

Do you have any questions related to the tips we’ve discussed above? Please feel free to ask them in the comments section. Our commendable team will revert to you with answers.

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