6 Torrents like uTorrent in 2022 (uTorrent Alternatives)

Internet6 Torrents like uTorrent in 2022 (uTorrent Alternatives)

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Earlier this month I wrote about best 12 torrent download websites, and previously I wrote about How to make Torrents faster, now, I’m writing about uTorrent, uTorrent was earlier considered to be the king of open-source torrent download client. However, since its acquisition by BitTorrent in 2016, it has now become a closed source filled with ads and hence become undesirable by many people. People are now seeking new alternatives for such a once-popular torrent site.

List of Best uTorrent Alternatives 2022

In this post, I’m listing down top 6 uTorrent like websites where you can download free Movies, Download games and more. Some of these alternatives are paid while some are free.

Free Utorrent alternatives:

  1. qBittorrent

    It is a light open-sourced client which is totally free of cost and advertisements. It comes with all the good features of uTorrent, offering additional functionality. qBittorent has easy to use interface displaying all the information that is needed by the user. It allows users to do all the basic tasks such as search and download torrents, adds filters, manages real-time statistics, and adjusts bandwidth and ports. As qBitTorrent is based on the source code of uTorrent, a user of uTorrent would not find any in using this torrent client at all.

    qbittorentDownload link: qbittorrent.org/download

  2. Deluge

    Quite similar to qBittorrent and old version of uTorrent, Deluge is completely free without ads in the main interface or any kind of adware, malware in the package. However, it doesn’t have as many features as uTorrent or qBittorrent and seems bit outdated in today’s standards. Some of the basic functions include peer exchange, Encryption, UPnP, Speed limit, Bandwidth control, and password protection. It also consists of built-in plugins such as Notifications, Web interface, Blocklist, AutoAdd, and Scheduler.DelugeDownload link: dev.deluge-torrent.org/wiki/Download

  3. Tixati

    It is a new torrent client which is a closed source and has lots of exciting features making it suitable for both beginners as well as advanced users. Tixati is free to use and doesn’t feature any ads or malware. It displays information using charts and all the data in and out information is shown in real-time. Tixati also provides other basic features like filters, DHT, Bandwidth control, Torrent search, and UPnP. It is available on Mac, Windows as well as Linux and offers a unique feature where the users can anonymously socialize through channels.TixatiDownload link: tixati.com/download/ 

  1. BitTorrent

    Owner of uTorrent, BitTorrent is an easy alternative torrent client that comes with a free and pro version. Since the free version contains a lot of ads, one can opt for the pro version by paying $19.95. Here, users can search anything using simple keywords. Unlike uTorrent, it allows the users to create their own torrent file. The Pro+VPN version costs $ 69.95 annually and offers CyberGhost VPN to stay completely anonymous on the web.BitTorrent

    Download link: bittorrent.com

  2. Vuze Plus

    A closed source, Vuze is totally different from uTorrent consisting of various elements and various resources. It can become a bit complicated for beginners but for such people, there is a sister client named Vuze Leap, having basic features like search and download torrents and play media files. Vuze comes with all basic and advanced features like RSS subscription, Bandwidth control, Remote control, media player, plugin support, file converter, notifications filters etc. It comes with a free and pro version $29.90 per year.
    vuzeDownload link: vuze.com/

  3. Bitport.io

    This is a premium option available for those who want to download and access their torrents from anywhere at any time. Its excellent array of supported applications and seamless integration makes it ideal for movie watching. It offers three monthly packages- 100 GB for $ 9.99, 1 TB for $ 19.99 and 10 TB for $ 49.99. Bitport provides plenty of storage space and keeps you anonymous. It can be used on any platform including iOS, Mac, Android, and PC.bitportDownload link: bitport.io/welcome

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