Where to watch the new iPhone 11 launch online?

AppleWhere to watch the new iPhone 11 launch online?

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The launch of the iPhone is no less than a festival which every iPhone fanatic look forward to. It is a humungous occasion for Tim Cook and his followers and not even arguably, the iPhone launch is the biggest tech event in the entire planet. 2019 is yet another year where people are crossing each day off their calendars as the date of the event gets closer. If you are an Apple fan, the last thing that should happen to you is not knowing where to follow – up on the event. Do not fret, if you could not make it to the event live, very few people are actually invited. But the online experience is no less and read through this guide for all the information on how to catch the build-up, action and the most awaited goose-bumps moment.

Apple Special Event

Save the date, it is September 10, 2019 where we will see a new line of iPhone products launched. You can expect iPhone 11 or iPhone XI. The invitations had been sent by the Apple Company this week to the press and the entire internet is endeavoring to unearth any faint clue of what they are to see on the event, from the invitations and rumors.

Apple iPhone 11 launch

The event is going to be held at the Steve Jobs Theater located in Cupertino, California which is the new home for an Apple campus. The live stream of the event starts at 10.am, online (local time). Get your time conversions right and keep the reminders!

About the Apple special event invite

Such is the popularity of Apple that even the faintest design clue is pondered endlessly to reveal something that is about to be launched anyway in 10 days. The impatience and the heat – build-up is intense. Invitations sent out to the press were completely in black color with the words, ‘Gather Round’. This was printed in a Gold color font and had around symbol at the top of the invitation. This is from where the different dissections begin. Many tech reviewers predicted that the gold color and the round symbol indicated towards the launch of an all-new Apple watch. Also, the gold color might mean the reveal of a Gold colored iPhone finally, as this was already in a lot of talks this year. But the good news is, we do not have to wait very long to find out!

Where to see the new iPhone launch event live?

  • The best place to catch the event is through the live – stream on the Apple Website. One can visit this link: https://www.apple.com/apple-events/#september-2019/ to also see the gold colored circle that was being talked about a lot on the invitation. By clicking on the ‘Add to your calendar’ option, you can set this event as a reminder so that you would not miss out even on a minute’s action.
  • People who have the Apple TV can view the stream of the event directly through the Events App. There too, you can set reminders for the event and you will also receive continuous notifications in the build-up to the event, in the following days.

How to catch the action on the live – stream?

  • If you are using the Apple website and you are on the iPhone, iPod Toch or the iPod then you will need a version iOS 10 and greater. Also, you must have the Safari web browser installed to view the stream on these devices.
  • If you are on the Mac and want to view the live – stream through the website, you will need a Safari version later than 6.0.5 and the operating system of Mac must be at least 10.8.5.
  • Further, if you want to view the event through the Apple TV then the model must at least belong to the second generation or later than that. If you are having a laptop that belongs to either the 2nd or the 3rd generation, then the software in it must be updated to at least the 6.2 version. However, if you have a 4th generation model, you will be able to view the event without any update or software change required.
  • Lastly, you can also catch the action on your PC as well if you have a Windows 10 or if you are using the Microsoft Edge.


Do note that, the action can be witnessed directly by using the above link through browsers such as Chrome, and Mozilla but the experience as promised by Apple would not be the same. In fact, according to the official website, these browsers will require an MSE, H.264 and an AAC.

So, start the countdown on your clocks to the big event! Apple is set to again take over the year by storm and this could arguably be the biggest news of this year which has been relatively quiet in the technological arena. Yet, again, Apple is ready to wonder its fans and prove why it is a class apart from all the other brands in its niche.


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