6 Best App Locker Apps for iPhone

Apple6 Best App Locker Apps for iPhone

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The security system which Apple builds for its products, the iPhones and the iPads are well – known and is fairly strong. One major security instance implemented is in the iMessage which uses the end – to end encryption for the data and media passed through the application. However, if you have some really precious and valuable content on your phone or you use it for confidential purposes, you can take the help of third-party applications that provide further data control and protection for your applications through App locks, you can also use Antivirus Apps for iPhone.

iPhone app locker Apps

iPhone App Locker Apps list

Here are some of the best iOS security and app lock apps available on the store, all compiled for you to choose according to your needs:

1. Secret Folder App Lock

Secret Folder App Lock on the App Store

Through this app, you can store and hide all your important photos, passwords, notes, contacts and videos in one place. The best part is that it will not be directly visible on the menu of your phone, instead, it will be hidden behind a discreet icon. You can access the information in the app through a PIN set by the user. The Pro subscription offers additional features such as backing up of the data into the cloud, no risk or loss of information in case the phone is stolen or broken, and reports of intrusion into the secret folder among the others.

Download Secret Folder App lock for iPhone

2. LockApp with Password Manager

Lock with Password Manager

This app enables you to take any data on your device and store it inside the application which is protected by fingerprint and a PIN. You can not only protect media such as photos and videos, but also applications themselves, inside this locker. Note that you have to be very careful to remember the pin you set for this app as forgetting that can enable you not to access any information stored in it.

Download LockApp with Password Manager for iPhone

3. Locker: Hide Photos, Hide Apps

locker apps - hide photos

Through this locker application, you can safely secure your photos, notes, files, videos, and applications by putting them into the app which is protected by fingerprint. The apps which are put into this application can also be enabled so as to access them only from the locker. There is a Locker Premium Pass available through an auto-renewable subscription and enabled you to access a wide category of special premium options.

Download Locker for iPhone

4. Vault to lock photo & video

Vault to lock photo

This application is specially designed to safely secure your photos and videos and protect them from falling into wrong hands while using your phone or while peeping. The security the app provides is top – class, with the provision of inserting long passwords, creating decoy accounts, and the overall operation and response is simple and high – level. You can also subscribe to the premium subscription which enables you to store the data in the cloud, generate break-in reports and enable passwords to individual albums inside the application.

Download vault to lock photo for iPhone

5. Lock Password Manager safe App

Lock Password Manager

If you have a habit of forgetting your passwords, this could be your savior. You can secure all your passwords within this application and you will just need to remember the master passcode. This works with FaceID and you can create plenty of templates inside to customize the whole experience of storing and accessing crucial information. There is even an option to back – up the information to the cloud.

Download Lock Password Manager

6. Secret Photo Vault

Secret Photo Vault

It is one of the most popular photo vault App in the Apple Play store and the popularity is evident from the ratings and the number of downloads from the store. You can lock your personal or important photos through a password, PIN, FaceID, fingerprint and data encryption. There is also a built – in the camera which enables you to directly click photo through the app. There is unlimited storage provided and the user can create an unlimited number of albums.

Download Secret Photo Vault

Explore these locker apps for your iOS device today and secure your media and information!

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