Top 7 Android App Locker Apps [2021]

AndroidTop 7 Android App Locker Apps

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Your phone is a device that can give a complete insight into how your world is, all your secrets and facts. Obviously right, since everything that you do, want to remember, you store on your phone. And it is also obvious that you do not want the information to fall in the wrong hands.

App Locker Apps

That is where enhancing phone security comes into play. Most of the phones today have inbuilt security features built-in, but sometimes that is not enough. It is because they do not protect individual apps. In our previous post, we wrote App locker Apps for iPhone.

7 Best AppLocker Apps for Android in 2020

If someone manages to open your Android phone, they can still access all the apps otherwise. So, consider these app locking apps for Android and give your phone an added layer of security. These Apps are ranked based on the customer ratings and reviews from the Google Play Store 2020.

1. Applock


Well, most of Android users must already know this app. Being on the first position on the list of best app locking apps over 50 countries, it has a user base of 400 million and is available in 40 languages. The reason for its popularity is the simple interface, easy to use and a plethora of security and other additional features it has to offer.

  • Set your own timer to lock and unlock applications.
  • You can lock and unlock the applications through the location as well.
  • If someone tries to break into your phone, it can take pictures of the intruder.
  • Lock system settings, when your kids are using the phone.
  • Operate specific functionalities just by a tap on the notification window.
  • Hide pictures and videos, and even the app icon can be hidden as well.

Applock needs permission to devise administrator permission to enable its advanced protection and to access service to enable power-saving mode.

Download AppLock

Although AppLock provides you the required protection to lock the media files and various applications, you could still wonder what if someone just uninstalls the application. With this advanced protection app, you can stop that from happening.

AppLock Advanced Protection

Just install the application and activate it.

  • Protect all the apps and prevent them from being uninstalled.
  • Protect photos and videos.

Download Advanced Protection for AppLock

2. LOCKit – app lock, photos vault, fingerprint lock

LOCKit - App Lock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock

You need your private space, that’s why you need to check this app out and without your permission, no one would be able to know what is there on your phone or what activity do you do with it.

  • Apart from locking apps with fingerprint, PIN, and passcode, you can also store photos and videos in a vault that will keep them more secure.
  • Continuous detection of your privacy status so that the data is secured at all times.
  • It provides a fake screen that can help people from noting down your password when you type it.
  • Intruder pictures are taken for anyone who tries to unlock your phone with a wrong password.
  • Lock certain calls as well, and even specific apps on the Google Play Store.
  • A Plethora of free themes is available for use as well.

LOCKit supports a variety of languages and the simple to use GUI is one of its plus points. Although it is loaded with features, the app is lightweight and consumes minimum RAM on your phone.

Download LOCKit App

3. Vault-Hide Pics And Videos, App Lock, Free Backup

Vault - Hide Pics & Videos, App Lock, Free Backup

This app has multiple features apart from the basic app lock provision. With more than 50 million users worldwide and an impressive rating of 4.5 on the Play Store, this app is a must – use if you want to enjoy added levels of security.

  • Keep your photos and video locked with a password, also additionally, you can upload them to the Cloud for better security.
  • Search for the phone number during incoming calls on your phone.
  • If you do not want to trace your browsing, use the inbuilt private browser and stay safe from hackers.
  • Make the icon of the app disappear and you can only access it if the correct password is entered.
  • If someone tries to force into the data of your phone, their photo, the wrong PIN they entered and the time is noted and sent as a notification to the user via email.

Download Vault App

4. App Lock

App Lock

It is one of the easiest to use app lock protectors you can get for your mobile, where you can protect your SMS, calls, emails and what not!

  • It allows you to put a pattern or password as a lock for calls, emails, settings, apps, and gallery.
  • Choose between the apps you want to protect.
  • You can set a timer for idle locks to get unlocked automatically.

Download App Lock

5. Antivirus and security master: VPN, applock & booster

Antivirus & Security Master

Another highly popular app for security. It not only protects the phone but also secures the data through multiple layers of security. One stand – out feature of this application is that it scans for all the security features on your phone and provides the best solution depending on the condition.

  • Lock all forms of features on your phone from Bluetooth and Wifi switches to photos, videos, applications, and specific settings features. Protect with fingerprint, PIN, and pattern.
  • Detect phishing WiFi networks.
  • Detect and Clean background apps that make the phone processing slow.
  • Connect with the SafeConnect VPN to browse securely and not worry about intrusion by hackers. Set virtual locations for added security.

Apart from this, if someone tries to repeatedly unlock your phone with wrong password attempts, the photo of the intruder is taken and an email is sent to the user as well.  

Download Antivirus and Security Master

6. Calcvault – photo, video locker, safe browser, applock

Calc Vault - Photo hider

If you have plenty of personal files, documents, and passwords to protect, then this app is a must-have. Apart from that, you can have a secure environment on your phone to browse the internet content as well. Let’s see how!

  • Secure all your files in this app and lock it with a password through a smart calculator.
  • If you access the inbuilt safe browser, you can directly download the content onto the app lock.
  • Lock all your apps with any locking pattern or fingerprint scanner, whatever your device is compatible with.
  • You can even create a fake vault too to fool intruders!
  • Disguise your phone with a fake screen and also protect the application from getting uninstalled by others.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is to backup all the files you upload here because if you lose the files from within the app, there is no way to recover it.

Download Calc Vault

7. Applock – fingerprint and password, gallery locker

AppLock - Fingerprint & Password, Gallery Locker

If you are looking for a lightweight app to provide you security, then this app does its job right! With a rating of 4.5 on the Play Store and more than a million downloads, you can surely trust the working of this application.

  • Lock any application you want, including incoming apps and protect them with a passcode, PIN or fingerprint.
  • Choose from the variety of themes available for PINs and passcodes.
  • Lock the other switches on the phone as well, such as Bluetooth, WiFi, Data, etc.
  • Prevent the app from being uninstalled.
  • Set a timeout on your lock screen and also lock your home screen as well.

Download Applock Gallery locker

Ready to use Android App Locker?

These are some of the best apps for android among the ocean of applications available. This list will help you have a look at some of the finest apps with the best features. To couple it, each of the applications has the best user interfaces as well, more or less! So, try them and use the one suiting your needs! Also, show us the best App locker app you found in the comments below.

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