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AndroidBest 5 Antivirus Apps for Android

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The apps which are the most common and popular on Android are antivirus applications. Usually, there is no need for antivirus apps all you need to do is enable security settings on your phone and you will be good to go but some people trust antivirus apps because they gave a sense of security as they are specifically built for viruses. So here are top 5 antivirus apps for Android in 2022:-

Antivirus Android

List of Android Antivirus Apps

Based on the user rating and review for Antivirus Applications in Google Play store, I’m listing your top 5 Antivirus Apps which can be used in both Android Phones and Tablets.

No.AppRatingPlay Store
1. 360 Security 4.6 Install 
2.AVG Antivirus 4.7 Install
3.Avast Antivirus4.7 Install 
4.Avira Antivirus4.6 Install 
5.ExpressVPN4.1 Install

Viruses are a specific type of malware that pierce a computer or any other device and its programs. A cybercriminal is also able to install a virus on the device without your information or permission. These viruses are then able to insert new, malicious code on your device that can monitor and control your activities. There are many detection methods and apps for the removal of viruses on Android.

How to detect if viruses attack an Android?

The best way to know about viruses on your Android is to run an antivirus scan. There are many antiviruses software available in the market, some of them are free, and others are sold. The user must do the research about antivirus software to ensure the safety from the software before investing in such an idea. An incomplete scan can give you a wrong sense of security when, in fact, your device may be unarmed to cyberattacks. There are many ways to remove viruses from an Android phone.

Signs that the Android is at virus risk

When exposed to viruses, your phone can be damaged internally or externally. External damage is visible, whereas internal damage is not visible. Signs of the viruses can be shown in these ways:

  • Apps may take a long time to load
    Viruses on your Android may lead to the slow performance of your Android. Apps on your mobile may take a longer time than usual to load and work.
  • Battery drains faster than expected
    Malware uses a lot of energy, which leads to loss of Android battery. 
  • The phone may have many apps that you have not downloaded.
    You may find some apps on your Android, which are of no use. These apps may act as a home for viruses, which may lead to internal damage to your Android. 
  • More data usage than expected
    If you notice an unexpected rise in data usage, this may be a sign that any virus is operating background tasks on your device or attempting to utilize the internet to convey data from your phone.
  • Higher phone bills
    Some malware strains can attack by sending premium-rate SMS messages to your phone, resulting in your phone bill to take a strike.
  • Adware pop-ups
    Many pop-up ads are only annoying, not malicious. These can easily be prevented by using an adblocker browser expansion. However, if you see pop-up ads on your Android even when your browser is closed, you may be dealing with adware: Maybe violent pop-ups caused by malware trying to extort your data.

Ways to remove virus from Android

1. Remove Virus using Android Apps

  1. Go to Google Play Store
  2. Download and install any antivirus app shown below for Android
  3. Open the app
  4. Tap on span button
  5. Wait for the apps and files to be scanned properly
  6. If any threat is found, tap on resolve

1. 360 Security

360 Security Antivirus

This app is a mixture of good stuff and bad stuff meaning that some things about security are good and some bad. 360 Security scans all the apps so that it can find any activity which is related to malware. 360 Security is a pretty decent antivirus app because of its work that shows any kind of vulnerabilities. When you decline most of the services that this app provides, it becomes a storage cleaner and a scanner of your phone.

Install 360 Security Android App

2. AVG Antivirus 2021

AVG Antivirus

AVG antivirus comes among one of the popular antivirus apps. When compared with Avast, this app is almost similar to Avast because Avast purchased AVG antivirus in the year of 2016 which makes the experience similar to one another. The difference is that it has a feature of anti-theft tracking with the help of Google Maps. AVG antivirus has a similar trial plan as Avast, the people who want a demo of its work can opt for a 14-day trial pack. The subscription fees of this antivirus app are reasonable just like Avast.

Install AVG Antivirus for Android Phones

3. Avast Antivirus

Avast Antivirus

We all have heard about Avast Mobile Security because it is a popular antivirus app. It has lots of additional features such as antivirus scanning, app-lock feature, blocking calls, a vault for photos and more. The subscription fee of Avast is not too high in comparison with other antivirus apps and if someone wants to try this app, they can do so by opting for the 14-day trial pack.

Install Avast for Android

4. Avira Antivirus

Avira Antivirus

This app is a new launch in comparison to other antivirus apps but its population grew within a year. It provides services like scanning devices, real-time protection, scanning of an external SD card and more. There are features in this app like blacklisting, anti-theft option, privacy checking and more. When it comes to the size, it is a lightweight app and has a free version too.

Install Avira Antivirus for Android Phone

5. ExpressVPN

Express VPN

This antivirus app is fast, safe and is trusted by many people. This app has a secured network and the bandwidth is unlimited. Another thing that is unlimited in this app is speed. The servers of this app are distributed among 94 countries which means that there is a high possibility that this app’s server will be near your location to provide you with the best experience. In Hong Kong, there are stealth servers which specifically evades  GFW.

Download Express VPN for Android

2. Safe mode

It turns off the access of all third-party apps and stops them from running and the best way for the removal of viruses. Safe mode also allows users to use the phone normally without any interference. Many Android phones will induce you to Reboot to Safe Mode after pressing and holding the Power off button for the virus removal from Android, whereas others may require some slightly more complex steps. If safe mode is turned on correctly, you should see the word Safe Mode at the underside of your phone’s screen once it is activated.

3. Identify the malicious app.

  1. Open Settings
  2. choose the Manage apps or Apps & notifications tab
  3. Go to the Downloaded apps or Installed apps tab
  4. Search for apps that seem suspicious
  5. select the malicious app
  6. Tap the Uninstall button

But if the malware or virus is ready for a fight, you may find a greyed out Uninstall button, which implies that it has acquired administrator access to the device and to remove the virus from Android. Follow steps to remove administrator access

  1. Go back into Settings
  2. Select Security
  3. Tap Device Administrators
  4. Check if any malicious apps have access
  5. Tap on the app and then remove access by unchecking the blue box or by tapping the Deactivate button
  6. Malicious apps can be uninstalled, and virus removal from Android can be done easily.
  7. Go back to Step 3

How to prevent viruses on Android 

  1. Use strong security software to safeguard your Android device
  2. Maintain all operating systems and software redone with the latest versions
  3. Use robust, tricky passwords or a password manager
  4. Never use an insecure Wi-Fi connection. Always use a VPN while connecting to any public Wi-Fi
  5. For all devices that are connected to the internet using strong cyber safety protection

The best way to prevent viruses or other forms of malware is to make sure that you are using a good antivirus app for virus removal from Android, that can scan the apps and files from any threat that tries to negotiate your device or your personal information. You should avoid third-party stores. Make protection of your Android device a priority. Always keep a good antivirus software that helps protect your PCs, tablets, and other Android devices, which could help prevent malware from spreading from device to device and can easily remove viruses from your Android. Secure your phone with these Antivirus apps today! Please let us know your suggestions or any other Antivirus application you use and why in the comment section.

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