List of 117 Emojis on Android 11

NewsList of 117 Emojis on Android 11

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As a celebration for World Emoji Day, Google has teased the users with a whole lot of new emojis. it is said to have 62 new emojis and 55 skin tones. This is part of their Android 11 release which is scheduled for fall. But all your users don’t have to wait until that to starting sending people sweet emojis. This was speculated earlier in the year around January.

Android 11 Emojis
Source: 9to5Google

Not just Google has also slated a release with new emojis as part of the release of its operating system Android 11 this year. As part of Emoji 13.0, Google proposed changes to the Emoji Unicode Consortium for “more empathetic expressions and finding opportunities to bring equity to the keyboard.”

Image from the Unicode website as part of version 13.0

You could see the sequences here.

We’ll see some of those efforts released this fall with new additions like slightly smiling face, two people hugging, man in veil, woman in tuxedo, and person feeding baby” – Google Statement.

The funniest part is that two people hugging. With the COVID situation, people are going to send a lot of more two people hugging emojis to adhere to the social distancing norms. Did you check our Google 3D AR Animals list?

This update is also giving importance to gender variants & skin tones. People who are using Android 11 Beta and Gboard preview can actually use these emojis right now by accessing the main emoji list. Some of the new emojis are a beaver, bison, polar bear, bubble tea, a woman in a tuxedo, tamale, long drum, wood log, person feeding a baby, gravestone, lungs, a toilet plunger, cockroach and many more. I personally think these are a great addition to the existing set.

You can join for the Gboard beta here. You would officially sign up as a tester for Gboard beta. As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive an update to the Gboard – the Google Keyboard app if you already have it installed on your device.

If you don’t have Android 11 beta, you will have to wait till fall to use with the Official Public Android 11 release. Let’s Celebrate the Emoji’s day by starting to use the new ones.

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