8 Fatal Errors That Kill Your IAM Solution

Internet8 Fatal Errors That Kill Your IAM Solution

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Want to avoid silly errors when dealing with an IAM solution? Here is how!

Our friends at IAM giant Tools4ever have let us in on mistakes that are commonly made by companies during their IAM solution implementation that really slow down progress and productivity. 

  1. Overestimating Automation

Overestimating automation is a fatal mistake that kills your IAM solution. Since IAM is very keen on automating the identity lifecycle, most companies are very eager to push all their applications under the automation umbrella. Slow down, take your time, and let the IAM settle in with a few processes first, and then introduce the others.

  1. Not Training Your Users

Often times when an IAM solution is introduced, it seems like an alien idea to the users who are actually going to be a big part of its working, rather the biggest part. This is one fatal error that will absolutely kill the productivity of an IAM solution. It will very likely upset the users as well. They need to be made familiar with the work of this new “software boss”. Their fear of its usage must be dealt with, they need to be taught how to use it to maximize productivity and use it to its optimum levels.

  1. Not Adhering To Project Management Principles

This one may seem very easy to neglect but beware. The set of principles that chalk out the smooth working of a project are termed project management principles. They may seem like something that only looks good on paper but the implementation of these principles not only increases productivity but also becomes the game changer you have been waiting for. Not adhering to these principles tends to end up in a very scattered system where the stakeholders are not on the same page and the ideas are not well aligned together. 

  1. Not Chalking Out The Scalability

Scalability is another fatal error that will sink your IAM solution ship. Mergers and acquisitions are an inevitable reality of our business world today and they are going to happen in the course of your company’s lifetime as well. It will not be too smart if we ignore that aspect and move on with our lives. There will come a time when one IAM solution will meet another and if that is going to happen, you need to be prepared. Chalk out the impact and scalability of the IAM solution you are hoping to opt for. 

  1. Ill Defined Post Production Phase

An ill-defined post-production phase is a fatal mistake that will lead to so many problems for you. The one thing you absolutely need to nail when the post-production phase begins is to define the roles and responsibilities of the users very clearly. You need to make that transition smooth and easy. It should end in some amazing end-user community experience and if that need is not being met, you are off to the wrong end of the spectrum. Many good-intentioned companies bear the brunt of this mistake and you do not want to be one of them so think it up.

  1. Not Paying Attention To The Product

Know your IAM solution before it takes a fatal turn for itself because of the wrong implementation. You really need to understand that your business is an ever changing thing and t will evolve whether you like it or not. Preparing for that evolution can be a strength on your part. That is where a true understanding of the length and breadth of your IAM solution comes in handy because you can really see how the product can benefit your company in particular and not just any random one. 

  1.  Not Looking At The Full IT Strategy

The biggest you can make in a system is when you consider the IAM solution to be a thing of its own and let it do its thing completely detached from the rest of the systems. It must be realized that the IAM Solution is part of the bigger picture, it is, ultimately, a part of your full IT strategy and when you isolate it, it causes a lot of problems. Different aspects of the business will then tend to use their own discrete IAM solutions and the consolidation of it all is going to be one hellish task for the company to do. 

  1. Not Setting Out With Clear Goals

It can truly be fatal to your IAM solution when you start out with a blurry vision. You need to clearly understand what you are setting out to do if you wish to succeed. You need clear business objectives that are driven by facts to base your IT Architectural Vision and if that is not the case, you are bound to waver. You must fully understand the potential and impact of your IAM solution to fully enjoy the spectrum of all its applications. Doing this will not only maximize productivity but will also save you so much time!

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