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3D animals like Dog, Cat, Tiger, Panda, Shark and more in Google search results, How to see them? Google Announced this awesome AR (Augmented Reality) feature in Google search results during Google I/O 2019, On the stage, they unveiled a giant Shark from Google Search results.

How to view 3D life-sized Animals (3D Tiger) in Google Search results

Here in this post, I'll teach you how to enable AR and see 3D animals (3D Tiger) in your phone and What are the list of Animals you can see.

1. Install Google Play Services for AR (AR Core)

Download and Install Google Play Services for AR. ARcore App helps in opening the AR applications in your Android mobile If you already have the app update it to the latest version. If you can't install, sorry you need the latest Android device. If your phone doesn't support this app, please try these AR Apps.

Google Play services for AR

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2. Go to Google and search "Tiger"

Go to and search animals like Tiger, Dog, Cat or please see below to check the list of Animals you can see them in 3D, I'm searching "Tiger" here.

3. Click on View in 3D

Now scroll down in the Google search page and click the "View in 3D" button, If you are not seeing this button, then you don't have ARcore, try to install and check, and this also won't work in incognito mode.

4. View Tiger in your Space

wait for some time to load and you'll get your Tiger, you can move, turn and resize the animal, to keep the Tiger in your Table or somewhere click "View in Your Space".

If this didn't work - Try how to Fix Google 3D AR View in Your Space not Working or follow the steps below.

5. Move your phone around to get the Tiger

Now your camera will open and you'd have got the mobile symbol in motion, Just show your phone down in a flat surface and rotate. Tada! your Tiger is here.

6. Your 3D Tiger is here!

Now you can see your Animal in front of you in the real size, pinch it to resize, you can move and play with that. And the sound is also realistic. You can click the bottom circle to take a photo with the Animal, and unfortunately, Video is not possible right now.

How to fix View in your Space

Many commented in the 3D Tiger YouTube video saying "View in Your Space" is not working. I'm giving you some solutions below-

  1. As I mentioned in step 1, you need Google Play services for AR (formerly AR core). Install the App and try your Tiger, Lion or other animals and if it worked, tada! that's the solution.
  2. If you can't install the App, I'm sorry your phone doesn't support Google AR, Unless your Phone is Huawei you have an alternative solution, you can Download and install the latest Google Play Services for AR v1.12 from APK Mirror and Enjoy Google 3D Animals.
  3. We always have a solution for everything - Try these Top 5 AR Apps

How to Record a Video with 3D Animals

Currently, you can take photos with your 3D AR Animal and no video recording option was given. We have an alternative solution for that. Record your screen using a screen recorder. Android and iPhones have built-in screen recorder these days, turn that ON and started playing with your 3D Tiger and other animals and yes, you got a video with them.

Screen recorder
Screen recorder icon in Android Phone.

List of 3D animals you can see in Google Search results

Below are the 20 different animals you can view them in your space using your phone. Install Play services for AR and try these animals, again You can't see the animals without installing the app.

1. 3D Dog

2. 3D Cat

3. 3D Raccoon

4. 3D Shark

5. 3D Octopus

6. 3D Wolf

7. 3D Horse

8. 3D Turtle

9. 3D Giant Panda

10. 3D Tiger

11. 3D Bear

12. 3D Cheetah

13. 3D Crocodile

14. 3D Snake

15. 3D Eagle

16. 3D lions

17. 3D alpine goat

18. 3D Hedgehog

19. 3D Angler fish

20. 3D Penguins

Ready to view 3D Animals in Google?

Here ends the list, I'll update this 3D animals list frequently, let me know if you find any interesting AR objects in Google search below in comments section. Enjoy Google AR.



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