Everyone has his/her personal files to be kept secret, one of such methods of keeping secret is to keep the file bury deep inside the system. The problem with this method is that, when you need to get those files in regular basis it is hard to do so. and here is a trick for keeping you files inside an invisible folder.

Come on let’s do it:

  • Create a new folder, whatever the initial name be.
  • Copy your files in to your folder.
  • Change the name of the folder by pressing ” Alt+255 “, which will bring you a empty space and actuall what we are doing here is giving the ASCII code value of space to the folder. 

invisible folder

  • And then, inorder to make the folder invisible, go to the properties of the folder or press “ALT+ENTER” by selecting the folder.
                       Windows 7 Keyboard shortcuts – Must known.
  • select the customize tab in property box.
  • choose change icon and you’ll get a box as shown below, choose the invisible icon and select ok.

invisible folder

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