Play Game in Google search result page [Best 3 Easter Eggs]

Play Game on Google search result page:

You may search Google for many things like images, games, some information, but have you played games in Google result page?  Search these fantastic keywords to play games in Google search result page. These are the Easter eggs to play Game on Google search Page.

play game in google

Google: “Atari Breakout” 

Search this Keyword “Atari Breakout” and click on the Images to start a Breakout game using result images as Bricks, This remembers my Childhood – Click me to Play.

Trick to play Game in Google search result page - Really Amazing-atari breakout

Google : “zerg rush”

On searching  “Zerg rush” causes a bunch of Google o’s to attack the search result page, the user can fight back by clicking on them. After destroying the results, the o’s then they arrange themselves into two capital ‘G’s, representing the acronym for “good game”.  Click Me to Play.

Google : “Pacman”

Searching for “Google Pacman” has a playable version of the Pacman game appear on the screen. You can make use of your Arrow keys to run along the maze and Play.  Click Me to Play.

Trick to play Game in Google search result page - Really Amazing


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